Need some serious counsel on filmy topic?

I am a 25 year old mother of 1( a 9 year old girl) simply, I got pregnant at the age of 15 by my daughters father who was 28 at the time. He lied to me around his age, but he still looked much older. He has never looked after his daughter and mentally abused me aswell as keeping silent about his identity. He told me that if I was to make clear to anyone about him and his age he would never be able to look after the babe, my daughter. As a very vulnerable pregnant 15 year frail I believed him and kept his identity a secret. He did'nt even come with me to register my babe until two years later when he thought it was undisruptive. He used to call me ugly while I be pregnant and called me other names and would articulate I was too thin...even though some 15 year olds can be skinny at that age, I was still a child and still developing. Anyway he really broke me down and has threatened me contained by the past, ive raised my daughter on my own single hand. An important point I would like to put in is that he is originally from Jamaica and has been here for over 12 years, he requests to apply for residency and he may get that after being here for 14 years within the UK. Although I got pregnant nearly ten years ago I feel that I want to report him to the police for taKing control of he preassured me into having sex with him because he know I was vulnerable and homeless and he give me a place to stay. He also gave me a sexually transmited infection. I feel that I want justice although I have permitted certain things. I also want to report him to imigration so they can deport him back to Jamaica. He works here improperly under his brother's name and runs his own electrical business, even so I never see a penny and my daughter never sees him. I guess my question is...would I still know how to press charges on him for sleeping with an underage school girl and what will this enjoy on his application to get perminent residency in the UK...SERIOUS ANSWERS PLEASE
ably this is a lot to bear up near for you,,,,,he has committed a crime,,,unlawful sexual intercourse , with a feminine under the age of 16,,,and can still be arrested for it ,,,all you own to do is report him show the CPS and the police the birth certificate to prove the child's age and when he had sex near you,,,and yes he could and would probably be deported Source(s): police officer 27years Call the police department and ask them if you can file (Im unclear on UK's laws). I am so greatly sorry for all you have be through. Hug your child tight and know you are so much better off without the father within the picture.
I think what is done is done. He is obviously a totally horrible man who did take advantage of you. I would simply report him to the immigration authorities as he is here illegaly so hopefully afterwards he will be deported hopefully. If he does use the excuse of him having a daughter in this country for a sense for him wanting to stay. Then the immigration people might want to talk to you. I would explain to him that he does not want to have anything to do with her and he get you pregnant at 15. That certainatly will not go in his fancy. Even if he does get residency keep him away from you and your daughter. He is not worth it. And in recent times get on with your natural life with you and your little girl. Good luck.

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