Can I return with this man convicted? Do we obligation evidence?

My 15 year old sister opens her windowpane at the same time every night.
She just now complained to me about a man accross the street watching her and whenever he seen her at the fanlight, he would then pull his web curtains aside and put his light on and masturbate. This was afterwards occuring regularly. She never looked or provoked or encouraged him.
Tonight, I have slept over and he did like thing again he masturbated and then truly looked at her and pointed at his penis, then turned his light sour.

I want to go to the police straight away. Do I need evidence?
What do you recommend we do about the situation? I want this 40+ man to pay for commiting a crime against my innocent underage sister.
She never looked or provoked or pressed him.
The only thing that you could really get hold of him done for is indecent exposure. But you would have to prove he did it. I don't mean getting a bunch of your mate around and what not, I mean you'll have to show them such as pics or video or anything. Because it's basically a 40+ man's word against your own. And I'm assuming here he has no previous convictions. (He may completely well, but just assuming he doesn't)
FIRST IGNORE MOST of what the others hold suggested... things like taking pics or videos would trademark YOU the criminal. Next Go directly to the police station with your sister and file a complaint. Then slap your sister within the back of the head for not keeping her curtains closed! Opening her window at the same time every night is an invitation for the freak to contribute her a show. The police will set up a sting to nail his sick ***... put it in their hand.
You definitely need to contact the police. Here within the US it is considered Indecent exposure which is often a prelude to more serious sex crimes. It would be helpful if you have a picture or video to how the police.
I bet your sister is encouraging this. All she have to do is keep her drapes closed and the man will have zilch to look at. I thought that girls were taught when they be young to not undress with the shades unambiguous or even have the shades open at darkness?
No you can't return with him convicted, all the police will do is take down a statement from you and confront the individual within which case he will just recline. If you're in the UK most neighbourhoods are operated by the local Neighbourhood Watch or other council committees, you will want to find out and inform them that at hand is a resident that should be arrested. What you can do is ask one of your neighbours to record a video of it happening contained by secret from a digital video camera or mobile phone (You have the official right to do this if you feel hurt, threatened or unsafe) and then show it to the local committee or a few other neighbours and ask them to sign a document explaining the bag and provide the video on a CD or a memory card.

You then own evidence, a signed agreement from other residence to confirm it and the police will then be able to convict him minus you needing to take it to court. If you do this after you will be sure to put a stop to it. You could contact the police but I personally don't think they can do anything lacking proof or a number of statements from people.
That's disgusting. Source(s): Vigilantes ftw! Where are your parents? What do they have to say?
Contact the Police... she'll be required to give a statement in the presence of an appropriate full-size (usually a family member 18 years outmoded or more), due to her age. They can then do something about it. I would think about they'd give him a first course of conduct harassment caution... i.e. stop it, or you'll get nicked. That should do the trick. They may even do him for exposure or something similar. They're in attendance to help your sister. And whilst she shouldn't have to... catch your sister to pull the blinds so to save her have to look at this sicko in the mean time.
I must influence that we should all be free to be able to widen our windows in summer minus fear, although if we do open them onto a public space, we cannot expect privacy and should catch net curtains. Nor should we be peering into the private lives of others; only if it become unavoidable in everyday view does it become a concern.

The crucial thing is whether such routine is causing your sister distress or alarm. If the sad little man doesn't really bother her, after there is no case to answer, as far as your sister is concerned. Moral outrage for violate a taboo is not the same thing as reporting a legitimate crime.

If it is causing you distress or alarm though, you have every right to travel on your own behalf to make enquiries with the front desk at the local police station. Someone in attendance will probably interview and advise you what evidence (such as capturing the scene on a mobile phone camera) they would resembling you to get. It is best if the police ask you to do this, since then you are covered against any charges against you of invasion of his privacy. It is pretty possible the police may interview your sister as well, and use her evidence or not as they see fit.

Depending on whether there be previous, the likely outcome is a police caution (which will stir down on his record), and a warning that if it ever happens again, he could be facing a spell within prison.

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