The Waffen SS, what does the word Waffen denote? and what does the SS Stand for?

Also what was the physical requirements to join the Waffen SS?
Waffen litterally finances weapon. they were the military branch of the SS... not sure what SS stands for
SS stands for State Security.
schutz staffell, protection squad.
as the SS be originally sort of bodyguards.
Waffen, as weapons, or arms. Source(s): initially, the perfect form and Aryan ancestors. As the war progressed, various inhabitants were crossattached to SS units, including Bosniaks, and Croats.. etc.
Notably, one of the infamous unit comprised of criminals and psychopaths [entirelly] 'armed security squad' mind you it grew to be a political army

requirements to join depends on when .. from no mouth filling at the start to Muzzies at the finnish. Source(s): v I think you have the best diploma to join up around here.. Waffen translates to armed and SS is an abbreviation of SchutzStaffel which translates to protection squadron. It took me adjectives of 10 seconds to figure this out next to wikipedia, try there first next time.
Judging by your appalling level of English, assuming you are a 'native speaker' I would speak that you were mentally stupid enough to work for the SS.

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