How do I become a prison *****?

you know what that word is right? The B-word.
Yeah, um I have to go to prison first, that won't be rock-hard lol
But after you get there...?
I'm white, masculine, 17 y.o so prison next year?
after you receive there asult some idiots mayb punch someone
that should pretty much do it. =P
Real easy. Find the biggest, toughest guy surrounded by the joint that you can find.

Tell him that you're a scared little kid, and that you'll do anything he asks if he'll agree to protect you. Anything.

The instant he smiles and say "Ok", you're a prison *****. Well, ok, maybe it's not official until he give you your first order and you obey. But I bet that won't clutch long.
A 17 year old boy shouldn't enjoy to go to prison to get laid.
Disclaimer: Dear Yahoo, I am within no way advocating beneath age sex, I'm merely pointing out that statistically teenagers are more sexually active than most other demographics.
Sid the prison "bic" as in biro?

prison what i cant see the question properly
I told who_is_j..., above, to pick up the soap for me. He was shy at first, but then he get used to my pumping his backside every day and night for 10 years. He still wishes it.

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