Had a saloon crash yesterday - interview roughly compensation?

We were stationary and the driver plowed into us at 45-50mph. He has admit full liability with the insurance. However, my back is painful badly and partners shoulders and nouns is hurting. My three yr old is not sleeping and keeps chitchat and worrying about it and us although (thank god) she was not injured. My sound out is about compensation. Can I claim it for myself and my daughter? My partner can sort himself out but im worried about my little girl. How does it work within UK? Will it be taken directly from the old man who caused the chance (he was busy looking at the cows), or his insurers. Any help would be greatfully recieved
Compensation is paid when you own suffered long term because of the accident
You'd obligation to get a diagnosis of your injuries from a hospital for starters,then compensation 'may' be rewarded if you lose wages because you weren't able to work, and for permanent impair eg
relating to your injuries. In other words you need to provide proof.
Obviously insurance will compensate for the car mischief

This is not America where compensation is paid out totally differently Source(s): UK In your happenstance report to your insurer, you must mention all the problems you and your family may enjoy suffered. Your husband and you may have whip-lash injuries which may need treatment next. Your daughter may need counselling to help her go and get over her trauma. Any subsequent trauma must be reported to your insurance company.

All compensation will be paid by the other driver's insurance company. You do not have to verbs about him seeing he has not be injured and as long as he was insured.
If the other driver have admitted liability, then your insurers should trade name sure you get any necessary medical and other give a hand, and pursue a claim for compensation on your behalf with the other party's insurers. Very often, insurance companies dairy farm this sort of work out to others, so it may take some time, but you have to relate your insurers that you wish to pursue a claim. This should be supported by a not from your own doctor detailing the suspected injuries.
Any payments for injuries etc come from the at breakdown parties insurance, assuming they have it.
If your daughter was not injured, after there will be no compensation awarded for her. His insurance company will be the ones making the reparations, but only after you enjoy completed treatment so they can determine the final settlement.
Keep in mind sometimes cases like this run a long time to settle.
Car crash -----First thoughts "How much can I get "

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