Is micheal moore a capitalist?

he claims hes not, yet he makes money and get rich off the capitalist system. just resembling every other liberal he thinks hes smarter than everyone else and can decisions for you, and breed rules that apply to everyone but him and people in the command
Perhaps he is just exploiting the capitalist system contained by order to get his message across. Even some capitalist must agree with his views, otherwise, why would they nouns his projects. Much of his money is made from his earlier work as a comedian, something at which he is very perfect.
I believe him to be a communist at heart and in word but a capitalist surrounded by deed. He's one of those who say, "don't do as I do, do as I vote.
He makes money like a honourable capitalist relying on a capitalist system to create his movies, fund his movies, distribute his movies.

So, yes, he laughs all the way to the wall.
Of course he is. So is George Soros. So is anyone in the business of using private capital to engender money. Duh!

Only the ultra-right wing crackpots don't understand that. It's the toxic pablum they get from their hate-spewing, propaganda whore "pundits", adjectives pre-packaged to try to get U.S. citizens to hate respectively other.
Man who got off his butt and truly worked to get where he is unlike those who run around with signs and scream at inhabitants who actually have facts.

I thought raise taxes for the rich was a go--
He lives his life around hating the system that sustains him.
No, he's a fat cat!
He's not making movies to stripe your pockets with money.
Maybe you should look up his recent films for your answer.
He's a piece of ****.
100%, this is the system in which he made and is still making his $$$.

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