I enjoy a dishonorable discharge from the Army. Will this affect me if I want to be contained by the medical grazing land?

For example a Radiography Technologist or a Licensed Vocational Nurse in CA.
I'm pretty sure that a dishonorable discharge from the US military will affect you for the rest of your life, at lowest possible to some extent.
There's a pretty fitting chance that a DD will affect you no matter what area you want to go into. You made some poor decisions pardner. You enjoy a good day in a minute

ADDITIONAL: barbamatt you're right. A court martial conviction is a Federal Felony conviction and will follow you everywhere. Source(s): First Sergeant, US Army retired In the UK, it could. But over here people want the end references of where you worked, so if you applied straight after departure, yes it would, but a couple of other jobs in the cranny might help. Also look at the role - would it ask about military history? I'm sure applying to the police would, so you would own to put it down, but working in a hospital might not. so a couple of jobs down the splash, you say you were surrounded by the forces, but they wouldn't want that referance, they'd want the last two roles.
You have to check next to California State Licensing Board. (or what ever they officially call it)

Some states will pub anyone with a felony record from indubitable jobs especially those in the medical pen...and other states there is a waiting period.

I don't know what you did to capture a DD, but I do know that chances are you went through a courts warring and it was awarded as a punitive discharge....that could count the same as have a felony. But I am not a lawyer nor do I know all the details.

The best you can do is look up the license requirements in your state and speak with an pedantic counselor at the school where you want to attend.

A DD is a bleak thing to have...but it may not be the cessation of everything....you will have to work harder to overcome it and you may not be allowed in every grazing land you want...but you should check and see what a college official says.
i hope it affects your entire life Source(s): 10 yrs service..18 months in vietnam

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