Passports i involve a copy of my dads birth authorization?

we havent spoken in over 16 years but i need his birthcert 2 apply 4 a passport can i apply 4 a copy of it my self i own spoken to his mom aout it and she said my dad didnt have a problem with me applyin 4 it i hv adjectives the info i need 2 send past its sell-by date 4 it but i was wondering if this is ok 4 me 2 do
A passport for him or yourself? You do not need his birth tag to apply for your own passport you only need your own birth certificate- I don't reason you will be able to get his birth tag as he needs to do it himself? Because think more or less it, anyone could get a copy of his birth certificates and use it criminally?
I am sure that you won't have a problem. I have be doing family research and have adjectives sorts of certificates I have get copies of with no problems. All they are interested in is that you own the right information.

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