Do conservatives that criticize Harry Reid not realize how much he help them?

If I noticed a republican in such a prominent position that sabotaged partly the population with such prolific weakness, stupidity and incompentance, I would never point it out surrounded by the hopes conservatives would maybe not otherwise notice. Harry Reid IS your one-man filibuster. Harry Reid EQUALS a republican majority. Other than than the agonizingly obvious weakness, cowardice, stupidity and incompetance (that works entirely within your favor by the way) why would want to criticize this man?
Because it's true - the criticism is warranted ? Harry Reid doesn't help anyone; because when the country fail, the citizens fail along with it. The policies he supports are not condusive to nouns in this country.
Well, Harry Reid has been within charge of the Senate since 2006. What has he done other than oversee 9.5% dismissal and the worst recession since the 1930's? What has he done except oversee record spending and ram bills down our throats before anyone has the time to read them? Now don't detail me this is the republicans' fault. he's in charge, along next to pelosi.
While I am not a Harry Reid follower I am also aware that he is not the worst of the liberal lot by any stretch....but again that is far from saying he is a conservative's friend.

If he upsets you so much are you next opposed to his reelection? How about the rest of the gone? You see my point?

If we get rid of anyone I would like to see Nancy Pelosi sour her throne. I know she will win in San Fransisco....but if she loses the majority I think she disappears into obscurity (the Dem's wont create her minority leader again). Again I would like to see the Republicans hold both the House and the Senate, but taking the House would be the desired primary purpose (a goal BTW that I believe they will very imagined accomplish).
harry reid currently has the best fillibuster busting rating, both within number of fillibusters and in %buster

any amount that reid helps us is far smaller number important than having him completely gone
That would be true if this was a game, close to two teams on a field. It make sense you would think that way, however, this isn't a winter sport. Decisions made in Washington have tangible consequences and affect all of us in a big instrument.

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