The Falkland islands ownership?

Here are the arguments from both countries that they belong to them:
UK: We discovered them, they had no native general public inhabiting them before we settled, we populated them, they never belonged to Argentina at all, 100% of the islanders want to remain British and speak English and want to fly the grouping flag, Argentina has no real claim.

Argentina: They're closer to us.

Now, I'm from the Republic of Ireland and I as a rule wouldn't get involved with this stuff, but I believe that the Argentine argument is flawed. I mingy, England is close to France, but should France be apart of England? No. Also, this is soon to be an entirely democratic world, and if the islanders want to be British than let them, why force them not to be?

So who do you believe they belong to?
Personally I dont give a damn who owns them or who take them. I never ever want to set foot on them. Bleak, and as far from civilisation as you can get with single a few penguins and sheep for company. I recon Cameron could do a deal and sell them to the Argies for a profit and write stale some of the countries debt.
I know individuals who served in the Falklands through my father in canon and they tell me they were one mobilised for conflict long before Argentina invaded. The British government have been dropping hints for months to the Argentinian government they would not respond beside military force to any invasion. Maggie's government was desperately unpopular within 1982 and they knew that the tide of patriotism as a result of a conquest in the Falklands would sweep them into power for a second term - it worked!

The project force was mobilised in a thing of days, it takes a lot longer than this to mobilise an army.
The Argentinian claim is a tad more complex, in that Britain disappeared them uninhabited for quite a while, and Argentina claimed them in the length when they were uninhabited.

However it was Britain that claimed them when they be used as a re-fuelling depot and it is ex-Brits that live there. More to the point they wished to stay lower than British jurisdiction.

At the time of the Falklands war the US were likely to back Argentina's claim, which is strange given the way they rumble on about being the sole saviour of Democracy. But it was the fact that the residents contained by the Falklands wished to stay British that was the principal reason Maggie decided to retake them.

The Argentinian claim is restricted in the extreme, and given that it actually costs Britain to allege the Islands, if I lived down there I would be cautious in the order of a government with Argentina's track account taking over the reigns.

The argument has become more heated because of the oil finds, but these hold yet to bear fruit and the amounts are not fantastic, if the price drops (unlikely I know) it would be uneconomical. Certainly for Argentina, Britain may gain within technology for drilling in other deep wet areas.
Lets face it we need it.
its a willing part of the british empire - and we better hope our liberal disappeared softies dont lobby to give them away because they are a stepping stone to a vast amount of mineral success

(a) ashcan - maggie decided to 'retake' the falklands because she was out on her ear at the subsequent general election and she know that the ensuing british pride emanating from conquest would be enough to sweep her back into power
I AGREE COMPLETELY.. thats what ive said a thousend times that france is subsequent to the UK however they don't have a right for ownership the argentine believe they inherited the islands from the spanish king however the British owned the islands after buying it from the Spanish since Argentine became a nation...

We even had a time of war about it in 1982.. it's deffiently ours immediately :)
Possession is nine tenths of the law. The problem in these change strapped times is that secretly the British government would love to rid itself of such a costly dependency but feel obliged to support the islanders' democratic right to remain British because they know how unpopular it would be with the British ethnic group if the Argentinians were allowed to take over especially as a period of war has been fought inside living memory and at great loss of British lives in order to keep hold of the Falklands British. Of course a big oil find on the shelf surrounding the islands might change their unbroken economic future and next to it the government's view but if nothing is discovered, supply it another 50 years and who knows who the Falklands might belong to?
So exactly how is it possible for England to own a small Island within South Atlantic. It was a result of Social Engineering just as surrounded by N. Ireland and many vestige of British Imperialist past. Falklands belongs to Argentina of late as Bonny Island belong to Nigeria.
Maggie didn't give a monkeys about the sheep shagers of the Falkland Island even earlier the Falkland war the UK/ Argentina/ USA new at hand was oil contained by the area and that Port Stanley harbour be an ideal place to land the grease and transfer to ships.

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