How repeatedly are court appearances? (roughly)?

How often are court appearances? (roughly)?
My dad has to dance to the High Court in London for a Civil business dispute next week.

We are going on holiday on the 6th of september for 2 weeks and i am worried he will be call back to court within this time, and would approaching to know how often (roughly) are court appearances? or trials? will it be more than a few weeks after his first hearing?

If it is inside that time could he extend it?
Hope someone can help!
When considering adjournments, the court will ask those concerned if nearby are any dates to avoid and they will fit any adjournment date around them. There are always frequent dates to avoid at this time of year. There is no prospect, therefore, of the court calling your dad put a bet on within that time, provided that he gives the whole story of the dates of the holiday. Sometimes civil cases are finished very promptly, near the parties reaching an agreement between themselves, sometimes they drag on for months. There's no telling.
If it does inevitability to continue on another date the Courts are usually pretty accommodating if you have a prior commitment. They try to suit both party and the Court itself, though the Court's business comes first.

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