Should khat be a controlled drug within the UK?

Call For New Controls On Legal Drug Khat…

I think the comments some it up. Your opinion?
No drug should be controlled to adults. It's our right to put whatever we want into our own bodies no situation how dangerous.
Yes it should be.
Yes it should be a controlled drug. The somali community use khat regularly - including the somali children who afterwards pass on to others.
Therefore it is being used to take home money without being at most minuscule taxed and is having destructive effects.
I used to work for an anti drug charity, is very similar to cannabis.

We campaign to get cannabis re classified and I think that Khat should be classified one and the same.

Men tend to chew it for longer in Britain because unemployment is a serious problem
within the recently arrived immigrant communities that use it. Of course, even though it
is cheap to buy, it can be a drain on a limited relations budget. The men often visit
dens, call mafreshi, to chew it with their friends, although it is available in coffee
shops too within the communities who use it.
Slowly its use is spreading to other communities. Students have found that it helps
them to stay awake to study longer at darkness. Khat is a stimulant that prevents fatigue
and depresses appetite. In this respect its pharmacological properties are rather like
those of the amphetamine class of drugs.
However, robust use can lead to insomnia, high blood pressure, heart problems and
impotence. Cancer of the mouth is a long-term risk, and it is in a minute recognised to
produce liver disease in vulnerable individuals. It can produce state of mind of anxiety
and lead to aggression. Paranoia and psychoses can be induced by chronic use of

The Electorate.

Your right there, my wife works for the NHS the biggest problem they enjoy is with alcohol.

Most of the NHS money is spent on Alcohol & Tobacco illnesses.

PS. Cannabis is catching up fast.
Speaking as someone who have to suffer others either carrying the after affects of legal drugs the morning after or inhabitants who took the legal drugs on the job i'm against any sort of legally recognized highs. It's nothing to do near cultural rights and differences, i don't like stoners i don't like working next to them or having to listen to their inane chatter. I do not like stoners, you want to bong some weed at hours of darkness be my guest but do not show your face to me when you're stoned at work (not yourself personally) it's only weed its solely khat, i'm only hungover. A&E is full of recreational drug users and their victims through incompetence.

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