Why is Obama getting the blame for UK allowance funds?

The UK is an independent country and it was rich the last system blamed the US for the state the UK found itself in.
Did you notice how oodles European countries did not follow the UK and the US in their spending traits? Each government is responsible to its punters and must not gamble which is EXACTLY what Gordon did. The City, falsely looked on by tons as the financial capitol was taken for a ride by sweet talking yank who promised easy wealth. Many standard, realising but not giving a damn of what the consequences might be!
BP are to blame because they compensated an incompetent American subcontractor to work for them. Obama isn't going to criticise an American Company when he can have another cheap shot at Americas biggest and most loyal ally is he.

If it had be a Venezuelan oil company the US taxpayer would have be picking up the tab. I just hope he realises the next time they inevitability some support at the UN we might just remember how he has treated us.
boot on the décolletage of bp ring a bell.do you think responsibility from bp matters to the uk when partly of their pension funds are invested in them.nearby worried about their own money and not what happens here.obama can literally push them out of business.
I'm no Obama fan but in this instance he is protecting US taxpayers money. So open-minded play to the man.

Yes pension & insurance funds will be hit mainly surrounded by the UK but that's nought to do with Obama only beside BP's subcontractors policies. They should be covered under the insurance basics of the subcontractors they employed.

Work out the wrath, check out the minimum insurance policies allowed below US law.

"another fine mess"


I become conscious Obama's to blame for England's woeful performance in the World Cup too.

He really ought to sharpen up his conduct yourself.

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