Is Barack Obama a Muslim or Christian?

Is Barack Obama a Muslim or Christian?…
old helmet, let it rest, please.
not that it's relevant to anything but he's Christian
All I can say is that he claims to be a Christian.
I was surprised that a black man manage to get elected as president of the USA, I'd be absolutely staggered if a muslim manage it
Obama is what ever he wants to be at any given moment. What ever serves his purpose at the time.
Neither, he's a marxist.
A true man of God cannot be put into a denominational compartment.
We are called to be at peace with adjectives men even those of different creeds and experience, upbringing and inclination. Personally I would be more encouraged and inspired by a political head of state if they did not truckle to any distinctive religious group but sought to represent the welfare and good of the whole community. Building bridges of empathy and perception rather than placing bombs under them seem a far happier and truer way to the kingdom of God. Source(s): Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the top soil.
Blessed are the poor in spirit .
Blessed are the peace makers.

Though the beattitudes name for a lot of strength and the Source of those words was Jesus I see zilch in them to conflict with any dependence or religion or lack of them.

The important article for everyone is to pray for our leaders of whatever ilke..even Ben Laden, Mugabe and anyone we dont especially agree with ,love or support surrounded by any other way. I couldn't care smaller amount.
He is a christian DUH! Source(s): Im a doctor Raised as a muslim during the formative years of his childhood, his daddy be a muslim, his middle name is clearly muslim, so in the eyes of the muslim world he IS one. Why do you have an idea that he's so amicable towards his muslim buddies?…
That thing with "rev Wright's church" be only for street creds when politically expedient.
It is a fact that he was born within Mombasa, Kenya where his birth certificate be issued. His wife flew to Hawaii a couple days later and applied for a certificate of birth which be issued.

Birth certificates are submitted to the state for issue when a child is born in that hospital within Hawaii. This was not done. This is fact. Obama have no American Birth Certificate.

Obama was born a muslim and his father was a muslim. After divorcing one muslim his mother remarried another muslim that adopt Obama and Obama went to a muslim school surrounded by Indonesia as a muslim.

Obama also traveled to Pakistan as a muslim on an Indonesian passport at a time Pakistan was not permitted to be visited by Americans.

Is he a muslim? Technically you can read aloud no although he spent all his formative years as a muslim. Face it, it is not politically the best religion to have if one wishes to get improperly elected president of the USA Source(s): I live contained by Hawaii. Obama was not born here. He bowed to Saudi royalty, that's the leader of the most powerful nation on Earth, the person in charge of the free democratic world bowed before the non elected leader of another country. World leaders and statesmen do not bow up to that time anyone. I can't say yes or no on what his true religion is, its none of my business but i would need to see footage of him and the pope to engineer my mind up about his affiliations. If he bowed before a Saudi and not back the pope then i would know where his loyalties lay. This element will never bow before royalty or any Saudi

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