Cyber Harassment, What can we do?

My younger sister has been getting bullied and tense on MSN, Facebook and Xbox Live by 2 lads that she knew from school. She is 18, as are they. One of them she dated for around 3 weeks concluding September. But it ended fine, he broke up with her because they "didn't collaborate enough." So there's no wrong doing on her part. The other she just knew from school and have had no interaction with until the bullying started. The two lads are close friends.

We've kept a register of their abuse, it happens every few days or so. At the moment in attendance have been no uncompromising threats but I am worried it could come to that.

I realise it is simple enough to block them and move on but that seem to be letting them off with the delight that they've bothered her. I'm leaving to work in America for 3 months surrounded by 4 days and I'm worried for her and would like some advice on what we can do to stop them? Is this too trivial for the police?

Any help out anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Found this link that you and your sister might find helpful:

Granted when I lived surrounded by the UK they didn't do much for someone harrassing you face to face I doubt they will do anything more or less it on the computer but then again I was merely one of those American's that could have had something to do beside it they might protect their own better!
zilch , really .
i mean sure, the police will claim to help, but unless it puts money surrounded by their pockets they won't do much. you can try reporting them to silence hurts. i did that with a kid who harassed me and my closest friends, and they go to arrest him at the school. it didn't work the first time, but the second time it did. i think they put a restraining writ on him or something , because he stopped contacting us all and whenever he tries, it's under an alias.

this is the form where on earth you fill out the info about the houndingā€¦
it can be as anonymous as you choose.
Ever hear of blocking users or ignoring it? The more you draw attention to it the more they will do it.

Laws for stuff like this are stupid, purely ignore it!
If you don't block them, your just letting them keep at it. Report any messages as spam first. Take your records to the police. They can tell you the best route of behaviour to take aside from blocking their profiles/e-mails. If anything, request a restraint order. Show them you aren't letting them play their foolish games.
There are some laws more or less cyberstalking, but it would probable be best just to block them

Don't feed the Troll
They can only contact her on these sites if she add them as friends - Block them for gods sake.

Its the same as you knowing relations you don't like are in a pub and afterwards going in and sitting next to them.
If she doesn't want them person nasty then she shouldn't be have them as "friends" on facebook, or MSN or XBOX live Source(s): Common sense

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