Legal age to smoke tobacco?

A few days ago I was stopped and searched by the police beneath the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984. I am 16 years old and with me I have two bottles of budweiser, I understand I am underage to drink. However I had tobacco, rolling papers and a lighter on me also... This be taken from me. However I asked the officer that I thought it was 16 to legally smoke... however she said at hand is a new act or directive that has brought it up to 17 to legally smoke.

What I want to know be the police right in taking my tobacco, from what I know it is legal for those 18 years and elder to give tobacco that has already be bought and that I can smoke it.

This is supposed to be the law relating and to selling cigarettes/tobacco:

It says "In postscript to the above, the police and park keepers in uniform enjoy the power to seize and dispose of tobacco products from a person below 16 years who is smoking in public"

UNDER 16 years... No I am not under 16 years I am 16 years. :/ So where on earth is this legislation that says you have to be very soon 17 or does that not exist yet?

(please don't say I shouldn't smoke, it is my own choice and I know the risks)
the lawful age to smoke has now be raised to 18. 18 has other been the limit for buying tobacco but I'm not sure whether this have also been raised to 21. Source(s): a simple google turn out in my country and state you have to be 21 to buy tobacco and smoke it but i never see kids find busted for smoking
You can do whatever you want. I tight it's not like anyone follows the law anyway.
arbiter is spot on. This give somebody the third degree comes up on a regular basis and in invariably met near bad advice. People contact age related sales together with alcohol sale but the laws are different.

There is no minimum age for smoking but you can have them confiscated if below 16. It is NOT an offence to make a proxy purchase of tobacco products for an below 18, that only relates to alcohol. The was an view mooted for a proxy purchase offence, but it never got beyond the House of Commons.

As a 16yr ancient, the officer overstepped to mark and was basically being a bully.
The legal age for smoking,or buying tobacco, has be recently (within the last year) raise to 18 within England and the satellite limpet-nations.

As with any age-restricted product, distribution after purchase become ever more complicated. The only safe opening to consume ANYTHING that you're entitled to, but not entitled to pay brass money for, is to consume it behind closed doors.

It is illegal to deal in tobacco and alcohol to persons under 18

It is off the record for someone under 18 to buy, or attempt to buy alcohol (exception for test purchases below controlled conditions) - no similar offence for tobacco yet.

Persons beneath 16 can have tobacco seized from them as stated but do not commit an offence.

I am not aware of any transmutation to make it 17 Source(s): 30 years experience of enforcement

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