If someone falls contained by mud contained by my driveway after me recitation them in the region of it, can i be sued?

You enjoy a duty of care and if you've taken reasonable steps to rectify the situation or warn them you have discharged that duty. Mind you, some people will sue for anything, but they won't be successful. Even the most neurotic Californian court won't run that one It's expected that inhabitants look where they're walking . . .
dude, you dont even have to enlighten them about it if its in YOUR driveway
If it is a non-commercial driveway, not too easily; if you warn the muppets of the risk they don't really have a leg to stand on - pun intended :oP

If said drive is an access point to a commercial premises of any kind, or the people were there contained by persuance of any kind of commerce, you had better build sure your public liability is fully paid up.

Just to be on the safe side, put a clearly detectable warning sign up.

That should cover all the basis.
By telling them its in attendance you have reduced or removed liability so it may be more difficult for them to sue you
I'm no expert, but I believe that they can. In warning them about the mud, you lately admitted that you knew just about the hazard and did not rectify the situation.

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