Will the UK ever be final on top as a prosperous country close to it be around 1998?

Tell me your own personal opinion, I'm looking for ideas here. I guess we won't since we're part of the EU that is crippling Britain, we very soon have a swarm of noncontributing immigrants, a debt that will appropriate about 20 to reduce it to a point where on earth our economy will be booming again, and we're fighting a pointless period of war in two countries and it is beyond me why our govt. won't pull out the troops presently, its a war that has nought to do with us!!

Your thoughts, please.
Not unless they control public services.

Do you know that in some cities contained by the north of England, most people work either directly or indirectly for the policy. The figure for Scotland is 30%.
The rest of us have to payment for this through our taxes.

Fact. If 50% of civil servants were fired, the government would retrieve a fortune.

Remember civil servants' taxes are paid, out of your taxes, by the government to the policy. T

Remember civil servants' pensions are not funded. So if civil servants pay towards their pension, this is a salary cut. We, those of us working in the private sector, enjoy to subsidise civil servants' pensions. Their pensions are titanic. There are not enough of us to continue funding these individuals.
Probably. After adjectives, we are still a rich nation compared to most in the world. Economics is a chaotic system, and go through cycles of boom and bust that are not influenced by the actions of banks and government nearly as much as they'd like to think. The cycle will come round again.
Britain remains a outstandingly prosperous nation.

This chart of historical GDP data shows Britain has steadily increased it's productivity and richness since 1998 and it's international ranking has remained pretty much unchanged, swapping between 4th and 5th place relative to other nation in global ranking.


Don't forget we are surrounded by a global recession.

I'd invite people not to slag our country bad and write it down on the back of flawed perceptions and the mitt of manipulative political extremists. When a nations people are so set to talk it down and turn their back on it when recession comes next we really are finished. Fair weather patriots maybe? Source(s): British and proud through obedient times and bad I agree with your thoughts. The previous policy said they would maintain the troops in Afghanistan because of the terrorist threat to the UK. This does not ring true, would we not be better sour strengthening our own security at home with the use of the troops that are stationed at hand. The cost of maintaining our forces in the UK would be far cheaper, or is here some hidden agenda that they are keeping from the public?
With the cost of keeping our troops abroad and our EU bias these are luxuries we cannot afford. Switzerland is not an EU member and they seem to survive OK.
I agree with you on the EU and Immigration, but not the war. Iraq we can give up your job because we did our job so why did we spend over 9bln pounds there finishing year?

The EU: Abunch of liberal mindless idiots who steal our money just to take away our countries nouns and give nothing backbone.

Immigration: Prison fillers and job stealers that the government in reality seems to create places for rather than rule it's own people how to fill the spaces. we reach 2million unemployed and they kept coming. Pathetic.
No country will be prosperous next to liberal attitudes and policies driving the economy. It will NEVER happen. The rich are insufferable, but THEY are the ones that make a nation prosperous.

I NEVER got a post from a poor person. I never got a available job from a welfare recipient.

Until people realize in that is a place for both, this economic marry go round will verbs.
It is a matter of time before we see our country slip down out of the top ten rich countries of the World. ironically even Australia beside its tiny population is set to overtake us.

http://www.moneymarketing.co.uk/regulati… Source(s): http://www.todayszaman.com/tz-web/news-2… No. We wont because we have no clue what is going on. The very phrase "the EU is crippling Britain" sums up our stupidity. The EU is not crippling Britain. Britain is man crippled by an economy which has become over-reliant on worldwide finance and which has stopped trade anything of its own. We now have a parliament led by my friends of the bankers who will cause massive job loss which will further undermine all sector other than banking, insurance, etc. We will plunge into a desperate depression soon and have less cleverness to cope with it than most other countries. Then we'll blame Europe, or Gordon Brown, or immigrants, or respectively other. Then we'll do it all over again.
With a decent organization,some decent policies and rigorous enforcement of all the law,
then yes we can be a decent nation again.

But it is no use the administration declaring they are going to get tough on crime,the benefit culture and the immigrant situation,unless they are going to fund their promises with action.

Perhaps as a "taster" we could see on the word every night,
the number of benefit fraudsters imprisoned and the number of illegals deported that light of day.
I don't see this recession ending any time soon, i was hopeful for more or less one hour this morning but i guess I've been taken as a chump by another agency, up at half five arranged to get working all i needed be the phone call. Phone call never come i phoned them, no answer. They got my details and certs on their books to show potential clients and i suspect they hired migrants. They all do it, sign up as masses skilled locals as they can but only hire migrants. That's migrants with nothing paperwork or certs. Nah the economy is dead, if nobody is prepared to hire local consequently what hope is there? But i shouldn't complain i only worked my as's of for 20 years paying duty and getting certified. I must be certifiable!
I have thumbs-upped Evil Fox because this Answer sums up the true purpose for the UK's decline.

I voted against the EU because it seemed daft linking up with our competitors while distancing ourselves from our suppliers. It be done on the assumption that whatever Germany and France could do, we could do better. The reality is that we'd consider opening done if we can do better than Greece, in the same posture we pay our footballers millions to try to do better than Algeria.

Of course relaxing our border controls so we can be picked over by the Romanian mafia is barmy, but all of Europe have done that. Have we not learned from previous adventures that the Afghans are a bunch of tribal, mercenary, anarchistic savages and will take on anyone who attempts to civilise them? But these situations also existed surrounded by Victorian times at the height of empire.

I answered a question here: http://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/ind…
suggesting that contained by order to return to prosperity, we need to bring on our fledgling businesses, instead of squashing them flat by illustrious costs and prices of essentials making it so hard to live, let alone run a business on a low wage. If Income tariff was more progressive and a lot difficult (yes, and those on yuppie salaries would have to spend smaller amount on their cappuchinos and 4x4s), Government could afford to drop the stealth taxes, especially Council Tax and Business Rates to a level where the poor could afford to start a business or flip burgers for a pittance.
The war have everything to do with the UK.England is our business partners to the extension.The immigration problem is your fault.UK interest is in the Middle East and Eastern Europe which results contained by allowing those countries to have a small interest in the UK.It's the singular way to get your pounds put money on to England.

Blair brought the troops in so it's to late.England is not a parkland of cowards when a little pain comes.They will stick it out to the cease plus, British defense contractors and oil interest groups are making a killing sour the war with us Yanks.
Not going to say whether I agree or disagree with any of your points, but thought I might newly show you the flip side-

A swarm of noncontributing immigrants? I think you'll find that most immigrant will contribute, I'm not sure I could say the same roughly speaking British people, a lot of whom snub to take jobs that they consistency are beneath them, a lot of whom are just to plain sluggish to work and would rather live on benefits. And a lot of immigrant are only non contributing because of cheap labour- people will give somebody a lift them on for less than minimum wage and they only don't wage contributions because their employer keeps them 'off the books'. How many British ethnic group do you know that will work for less than minimum wage?

We're fighting a pointless period of war in two countries- whether the wars are pointless is with the sole purpose really debatable. For all we know, if we have never gone to war half of our country may own been destroyed by terrorists by now, consequently the war wouldn't seem reasonably so pointless.

And yes we do have debt but so do all the other countries. And apparently we would be contained by a far worse situation now in vocabulary of the recession if we had not borrowed billions of pounds.
Well I for one construe that the EU would be a good thing and near is a lot of anti-Europe people give or take a few lately. We Brits can work anywhere in the EU too, so it does swing both ways. However to help us out of this hole, I suppose we need to start manufacturing stuff again, stop helping other countries (when we can't afford it), quit pointless wars as I'm sure those added to these problems, pay the royals a remuneration only (why should they get to keep watch on the world cup etc, just 'cos they're rich) and stop cutting final on the poorer people's lives to make way for the rich.
There are ways round it, but I don't see why we the little pleb should compensate for these annoying and unnecessary rich idiots, they ought to put their hands in their pockets themselves!

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