My neighbour have set up a video camera surrounded by his bedroom skylight pointing towards my property. Is that officially recognized?

It is illegal and a police matter.
First of all how sure are you that the camera is pointed towards your property for that thing. He can say it is pointed in the complete outside corner of his house or property. But thinking about it, it is much favorable in your baggage since you have a surveillance camera without buying a single equipment right in attendance in your own yard. Which can monitor every single individual coming within and out of your property. In case of emergency or any accident or fire, that camera is awfully much useful in the investigation of any description. HE SHOULD BE THE ONE ASKING FOR A FEE OUT OF YOU is it not?

Now if that camera is position towards your bedroom then that can be questionable by nature. That is completely iffy. I personally do not see any ILLEGALITY or violation of any style if a camera is position towards your property. But come to think of it, if I was the owner of that camera why would I focus my cctv on your property why not mine instead of yours, since I buy the cctv for my own sanctuary and welfare and not for you is it not? Unless you have a lovely daughter swimming in the pool I guess I can focus that camera surrounded by your property. But until you can prove otherwise in court that the camera in request for information is focus or pointing towards your property which is very UNLIKELY. No owner will buy a cctv for somebody else benefit is it not?

But there is another proposition. Do you have quarrel contained by the past with your neighbor next to the cctv camera? I guess you have. That is why he focus his camera on your property because he believe that his house is frequently burglarize in times past, and he has a suspicion that one of your family contributor is doing it.
if this neighbour can see into your garden anyway, how is it intrusion just coz he have a camera
if he put the camera on a pole and was able to see parts of your property that he could not see near out this camera on a pole then it is intrusion.
i would just put up a SCREEN over the fence Source(s): my head In the US it is trial as long as he is not aiming it into your home. I suggest you get a camera and put it in your porthole aimed at his property.

Seriously, what is this about? Have you asked him? Are you feuding? Is he perving or trying to intimidate you or does he hold a reason to think you are doing something rude?

It depends a lot on the details but it's usually legal.
she can use the camera to film her own property such as window and doors in her building. If she is pointing right at your window you would hold an argument but you'll find these new laws are not law. There acts and these are "contracts". And if you know the law you can win your luggage when it comes to acts of law??... so does she know the difference between Common statute and contracts, as no one can force you into a contract, THAT'S THE LAW...

Speak to the cops and they will put her straight
Yes, as long as he is not video recording sound.
No its invasion of your own privacy. I would hold the police come by to see it first hand before he removes it. Public areas sidewalks, stores and street are unambiguous. Private property should be private.
There are a lot of back passage in the law, if you do it right, you can sue him and take some money out of it. For this you will need a good attorney and waste a lot of time though...

If you come to nothing the case however, he can turn things around and sue you instead, mostly leading to his accomplishment and you'll have to pay for that, you will also enjoy wasted alot of time and money on your own lawyers & your neighbour will also antipathy you and sue you for whatever reason he finds ok.

Unless it's close to looking inside your bathroom or something, just ignore it. Unless you're a moron, you shouldn't really comfort about it... Source(s): Logic, my dear Yahoo... Why not set up a cctv camera and point it at his property and sound a horn every time he go into his garden. Join forces other neighbours to watch this freek - where he go, who he meets etc.

Also why not leave an aimless folder next to his house with INVESTIGATION FILE - after his name and address on it. Nothing in the record just a few scrappy notes near his name on and etc.………

The secret of honest spy work is to remain undetected - so don't let your neighbour see you spying on him. The folder idea is only just a jolter to make him think someone is spying on him. You could put the heading of a legitimate detective agency on the front. Makes it even more interesting if he thinks his boss is spying on him. So, if you know where on earth he works and who he works for, just add a few bits of action about that too.


Trust me, I'm a spy.
Sure, set one up pointing at his
what country are you in?

In the UK, a person can point a camera at his own property and hold an overlap onto your property... he cannot set it so that it solely records your property. even the council has restrictions on what it can and cannot transcript.

However,, In the UK, it is a civil matter, not a criminal matter, unless the camera is set up to journal indecent images

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