By imperative how long are mobile phone service providers required to preserve notes roughly text?

I know they would only keep the actual contents primer for 3-4 days
But what about the sender infomation and the date, how long do they need to hold on to that for?
What if its a unknown number?
Do they need to keep it for inland revenue?

This is vodafone provider by the road! i have no idea on their policy and i can get the drift their reps
sorry this is me trying to work out if theres any point in going to the police after recieving a string of abusive text.
Depending on the laws in you country/area the Police can attain a warrant for the information, but you have to show cause earlier they will even consider it. It's doubtful they will by you just saying "i delete some nasty texts and I want them back"
They don't, nor are they required to preserve data information about record. They can only refer to the number of texts that be sent or received, and the number from which they were sent/received. If you're getting abusive or harrassing text just save them to your phone by locking them. I'm not sure where on earth you are because laws vary from state to state. Here's the standard procedure for what you're dealing beside and how to stop it. First of all, go and wallet a police report. This creates an official starting point and a trackable trail in bag you must go to court. Then, tell the character in a nice manner that you do not want to receive anymore communication from them. If they verbs to text/call you, then you save the call in your call log and lock the text to use as evidence. Next, you go to the circuit clerks office or the police department and request to issue a warrant for communications harrassment. Once you sort a sworn accusation and the warrant is issued the person will be arrested and a court date set. Any witnesses will give a hand, but you've pretty much got what you need beside the incoming texts. The judge will nick into account that you have file a police report and he'll compare the dates on the PR with the date you received the communications. Source(s): I'm a Professional Bail Agent

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