Why would David Cameron agree to opponent demands that our forces arms be put beyond use publically?

We all know Mr Cameron has declared that we are to surrender to the superiour conflict forces of Bin laden, Iran and rogue Muslim African countries that have uranium as a mineral resourse so clearly he and his Liberal coallition are looking to trail blaze their green credentials contained by five years time but how do the British feel about this humiliation and why soo soon?

We contacted (prior to the election) Diageo, the world established drinks brand that makes José Cuervo and Smirnoff and sabmiller who make Grolsch and Peroni to ask them if they be worried about the right wings adjectives agenda to demonise and construct laws to end the British agency of life, we received no response from them however we hope their concerns were communicated to Conservative Central Office at that time.

A.G.BARR p.l.c. will, we hope, confirm that sugar is a drug within the hope that an industry wide response can be agreed upon should the need arise.
Does your Nurse know you are using the computer?
idiot shut up and whos david cameron? Source(s): it be me sexy little ponny from yemen

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