Advice on Child Tax Credit presently anyone stopped?

I work full time and earn 18.5k a year. My fiance works part time and earn 10k a year = total income lb28.5. Now i hear that as we earn over 25k our tax credit is in a minute going to stop. Im quite concerned because without the toll credits i will be unable to pay my childminder to look after my two kids (which costs approx lb250 a week) i solely earn just over 1k a month. There's no point me working if i am going to give adjectives my wage to my childminder so i fear i will have to make a contribution up my job as a result. If i give up my mission i wont be able to claim any benefits. What should i do?

and before anyone rant 'i am a taxpayer why should i pay for you blah blah blah', i am also a taxpayer and have be since i was 16 years old.
Answers: have really virtuous point.and you are very right.but unfortunately.lot of nation only care how much benefits they can not care this country has no not supervision this country have to borrow money to give them .benefits benefits benefits..the stupid occupation culture have to change...
Until the Budget is published we won't know what might or might not come about. If they do bring in the first lb10k tax free this would pilfer your Fiance out of paying tax and reduce your tariff bill as well, would that not help? The time to ask will be tomorrow after it is announced.
You will be competent for some credits as the threshold is reported to be lb30k but probably not as much as you are used to receiving.

What John D has forgotten to mention is that the lb10,000 export tax allowance is going to be implemented in stages over the subsequent 5 years, he also forgets that VAT will be going up tomorrow, as will insurance premium tax and National Insurance (although they may not effect you due to low wages).

According to many you shouldn't own children you cant afford, of course these people forget that it is your children that will be supporting them within old age.

I am afraid that you and your family are going to be one of the true victims of this despicable affairs of state who dont care about you or your home. Unfortunately it is only going to get worse until we receive a chance to get rid of this coalition that have gone back on almost every single pre election promise. You enjoy my sympathy - I really wish you the best of luck, you are going to need it!
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Tax credits and Child Benefit
Tax credits
If things go wrong
Where to startMotoring Pensions and retirement planning Travel and transport Browse by peopleYoung general public Britons living abroad Caring for someone Disabled people Parents Money, excise and benefits Reasons why your tax credits might go down or stop There could be a quantity of reasons why your tax credit payments walk down or stop. It may be for the simple reason that your circumstances have changed and the Tax Credit Office have changed the amount they're paying you.
Changes in your payments
The most common reason why your payments may have gone down or stopped are:

oa child reaches 16, but you haven't told the Tax Credit Office that they're staying contained by full-time education or approved training
oyour award notice shows you've be overpaid
oyou've changed your bank, building society or Post Office(R) card account details and haven’t told the Tax Credit Office
oyou’ve not provided the Tax Credit Office next to any bank account details
oyou haven't renewed your excise credits claim
oyour income has gone up by more than lb25,000, and so your tax credit payments hold gone down

The reasons are explained in more detail below.
A child reach 16

If your child is now over the age of 16, your Child Tax Credit payments for them may have stopped. This could be because the Tax Credit Office didn't know your child be staying on in full-time education (or on an approved training course). It's amazingly important to tell the Tax Credit Office roughly speaking these details - otherwise your payments for that child will stop on 31 August after their 16th birthday.

Your child reaches 16 - are you still entitled to tax credits?Your award become aware of shows you've been overpaid

You'll get an award discern if your tax credits payments change. This may speak that your payments are going down because the Tax Credit Office has paid you too much. This could surface if you haven't told them about a change within circumstance, or your income has gone up. If your payments have stopped because you no longer qualify for rates credits, the Tax Credit Office will ask you to make a direct payment to compensate back any outstanding overpayment.

How overpayments of tax credits can happenRepaying overpaid tariff creditsYou've changed your bank account

If you've changed your hill, building society or Post Office(R) card account details recently and haven't told the Tax Credit Office, next your payment will have be sent to your old account. You’ll call for to tell the Tax Credit Office your new details details as soon as possible. This will make sure that future payments are compensated to your correct account.

Tax credits: changes you requirement to report and when You haven’t provided bank account details when asked

If you’ve be getting your tax credits paid by change cheque, your payments may stop if you haven’t given the Tax Credit Office your bank, building society, or Post Office(R) card account details. This could appear eight weeks after the date the Tax Credit Office asked you for this information.

If you don’t already have an account, you must embark on one and provide the details to the Tax Credit Office.

More about bank accounts and how export tax credits are paidYou haven't renewed your tax credits

The Tax Credit Office will ask you to renew your tax credits after the termination of each year. They can then brand name sure you have been remunerated the right amount of tax credits for the previous tax year. They will also check they are paying you the right amount for the current import tax year.

The Tax Credit Office send you a renewal pack, which you must usually complete by 31 July. If you don't renew your tax credits, your payments will stop. You may enjoy to pay back any payments you hold received since 6 April as well as any overpayments.

Why and how you need to renew your excise credits claimYour income has gone up by more than lb25,000

If your income is expected to be more than lb25,000 higher than ending year, you may get less import tax credits.

If your income is expected to be less than lb25,000 higher than finishing year, it will make no difference to the amount of tax credits you’ll receive for the current year. However it's still a well-mannered idea to let the Tax Credit Office know nearly the change. The increased income will be taken into account:

oin the following year
ofor the payments made to you after April, but in the past you've renewed your claim

If you don't tell them about a exchange in income:

oyou may not get adjectives the money you’re entitled to
oyou could be building up an overpayment that you’ll have to pay hindmost
I'm currently worrying as our income is similar to yours

(Although I'm stopped right now (lost my job within March and am about to have a baby) and my husband is not on as dignified a salary as you are, so for this year at least our income will be much lower than normal)

We really could not order without tax credits, especially near me on maternity leave. However I don't estimate they are going to "stop" tax credits completely, just for those on incomes of 30K plus. They may decline them a little bit for those under that even of income.

My main worry is how much they will muffle them by.

A lot of people use their Tax Credits to pay for childcare and its utterly stupid to force these family to give up their jobs - how will this assist save money when these people instigate to struggle with their rent and have to apply for housing benefit, for instance? You hide away in one area but attach to the expense in another!

And I am sick of bigots ranting about how you "shouldn't own kids if you can't afford them", yes we can afford them just fine thanks, Tax Credits freshly help with allowing both parents to work and increase aspect of life. Anyway, since when was poverty ever an successful contraceptive? Look at the poorest countries in the world, where citizens are living in filthy slums and still having lots of babies! Having children is a unprocessed thing to do, money or no money.

And anyway, things can change - a couple next to two good jobs and steady income can be hit by severance, sickness etc and then find their income goes down. What are they supposed to do beside their children then? Sell them?

Utter garbage.

Lee - if I told you that our computer be an old wreck given to us by my husband's stepfather and probably not even worth lb100 and we have NO other luxuries (even our TV be given to us by someone who no longer wanted it, our car is 15 years weak and one cough away from the scrapheap and what money we EARN goes on mortgage, bills and other necessities, would you beleive me?

We enjoy NO "taxpayer funded" luxuries (and btw we are taxpayers too). Tax credits for us are spent on food and utilities. Thanks the DWP making me redundant previously in the year - theres a "Government cut" for you.

Hopefully what the government will do is to remove the bureaucracy and thus be capable of lift the tax threshold thus giving the money wager on and also making greater savings by not having pen pushing jobsworths to support. The intact problem is that the Labour party always desires to take all your money and consequently give you pocket money, just as it be in the Soviet Union, so the idea is to bring in smaller government and thus save public money and clear the debt.

However if the Labour jamboree return at the next election adjectives will be lost and the country will be bankrupted just as Greece have been.
LadyMoon Baby #2 due 14/09/10! wrote:

"And I am sick of bigots ranting about how you "shouldn't have kids if you can't afford them", yes we can afford them a short time ago fine thanks, Tax Credits just serve with allowing both parents to work and increase quality of energy."

-What a load of bull. You can afford a computer and internet connection which lead me to wonder what other gadgets and services you have whilst claiming you have need of tax payer funded handouts.

If you really can't afford to bring up your kids then flog your luxuries such as those already mention plus anything else you have otherwise you have no sympathy from me and no course to complain.

The due payer shouldn't have to help you bring up your kids only just so you can keep these luxuries.

EDIT: LadyMoon, I'm no bigot and if what you say is true later fair enough but impossible to tell apart can't be said for a lot of people.

I'm a moment ago sick and tired of parents claiming they can't afford their childs upbringing without tax payer funded handouts merely to see them spend money on fags and booze and all sorts of luxuries such as computers, w/s TVs, games consoles, mobile phones, sky TV and so on.

That just isn't right and you can't say-so everyone on the internet that complains about losing tax credits and benefits in fact need it.

If people on lb30k plus spent money just on what they need to survive then most will be fine in need any tax funded handouts but far too many populace waste money on all sorts they don't involve which takes the p**s.

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