Why do Kurds not hold their own state?

Because Turkey doesn't want them to. And Turkey is a member of NATO and controls access between The Med and the Black Sea, so the USA is throwing Kurdistan below the bus.

I personally think the Kurds deserve to be separated from the rest of Iraq, they certainly managed to maintain some autonomy even underneath Saddam Hussein, and did so without becoming a haven for terrorists or building WMD's etc etc.
You could ask the same question of several ethnic groups, and the answer broadly would be history, specifically the acquisitiveness of other ethnic groups. Other examples are Armenians (geographically just next to the Kurds), Uigars, Australian Aborigines, Native Americans (in sundry national groups or tribes), Walloons. And many more; look at Africa.
So theoretically Iraq should have be divided into three countries or two at the least. You will have to dance back and look at the powers that won War World I, like France Italy, England and the incorporated States. The French got a bunch of the Ottoman Turks subject states and the English got a bunch to integer out what to do wit them.

So the English divided up the land and the kurds just come about to be in the northern part of the country they call Iraq, the two different Muslim groups, the Sunni and Shite were in the south and don't presume anyone got along.

Being a smaller group they had to put up near the larger groups. Maybe not any more, except about 4 million are surrounded by the mountains of Turkey and to move them then Iraq would have to provide up some land. As you know Saddam gassed almost Kurds to take the land for his folks. Source(s): google history of They do, Muslims are trying to take it from them. Kurds while Muslims are the equivalent of Jews in the Muslim world. I approaching the Kurds.
They might as well.

But individual countries aren't likely to give up so much land. So-called "Kurdistan" would help yourself to up like, half of present-day Turkey, contained by addition to Syria, Iraq and Iran all have to sacrifice land. Source(s): >>international studies major If Kurdish groups would stop their terrorist attacks against Turkey, they would probably be disappeared in peace.

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