Why are Americans tear apart BP and not doing anything give or take a few disaster within Bhapal?

The Americans are tearing apart BP for the oil spill surrounded by Gulf of Mexico and turning deaf ears to the death of more than 25,000 people and suffering of thousands of general public even after 20 years?
Or indeed Three Mile Island.
Because America only care about America
Cos this trouble affects them directly, its on their own doorstep.
I think it a great pity that they were not so enthusiastic concerning the Exon Valdes grease spill. Which was just a short time further away, they couldnt even clean that up. But also they have not a soul else to attach the blame to.
Thats a thing they are good at blaming others, similar to trying to blame the Brits for their own all American drilling mistakes
Obama needs to hang on to the heat off of himself, so by blaming British Petroleum, he make it a matter of national identity and blames the British. He doesn't mention the fact that it is 39% American owned as in good health as 40% British owned or the fact that BP sublets most of its rigs so they have highly little to do with their running. Attacking the owner for spending one afternoon with his son after two months of necessarily not seeing him is a little harsh too.
Because we already tore apart Union Carbide for that decades ago.
Why don't you walk out there and quit griping on the computer! Source(s): American Woman We Americans care roughly speaking the oil spill in the Gulf but we also thoroughness about other problems. We are trying not to give BP business because they have caused the oil spill and it's not supposed to stop until I ponder August. I would not like to be rude but i had not hear of Bhapal or any disaster there. I'm sorry. It's just us Americans regard as first for our animals and our oceans. BP isn't doing ANYTHING about the oil spill (and I am not lying)! I'm sorry for doesn`t matter what had happened within Bhapal though. But if this had not answered your question, click on my user given name go to my profile, and click e-mail. Thank you! Source(s): Being American. Also being from North Carolina.

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