Will Europe put aside itself or will it be an Islamic region 25 years from immediately?

Don't worry dude... as long as Europeans don't stop have kids, have a good relevant training and have a good positive birth rate vote 2+, you guys will do fine... You can restrict Islamic migration, ensure that your religion survives ( catholic/protestant) and that there are not too many atheists/agnostics...
Europe already have muslims in it. Are you afraid of muslims? That's not right. Trust Me...
It is resourcefully on its way already from everything I have hear and/or read.....good luck to all those who litter embrace Islam...one will need all the luck one may muster to survive lower than Islamic Rule.
Europe have bankrupted itself with bizarre entitlements and NHC.

They are no longer within a position to protect themselves because they deferred that task to the US.

Now the US is broke and spread very markedly thin. Europe is exposed.

The good report is that Islam may have no use for Europe inasmuch as it has zilch of value other than antiques.
That would be impossible. Here is a map near the % Muslim population in each European country.

Most hold less than 5% Muslim populations, and a lot own less than 1%.

I doubt that just one social group (25 years) is going to change that much.

The only European country near a fairly large Muslim population is Russia, but it have many indigenous Muslim groups like the Tatars and North Caucasians who enjoy lived in those same regions for ten centuries.
At some point, survival mode will take over political correctness. Europe has be invaded by muslims before and the muslims were thrown out through the Crusades. I enjoy a feeling a repeat of history is going to happen. Either another Crusades or another Hitler.
Europe will collapse below Marxism/socialism.
Yes Islam will take over Europe through fear.
Islam is the biggest threat to world peace since the Atom bomb was developed, dont wait for these savages to infiltrate and strike from in, they will out breed us and then take over due to the complacence of disappeared winged pansy's stand up and be counted or move over and watch the crescent moon rise at will.
Why would it want to "save itself" from a remarkably calm religion?
Does it matter, within a hundred years the human see will be all tan surrounded by color and bald and they are they are going to be able to travel pay for to the past and take job of white Americans (don't know about Europe). Source(s): South Park

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