Should the UK use 'decoy Jews' to stop anti-Semitic attacks resembling the Dutch do?

Dutch police are to use "decoy Jews", by dressing law enforcers in Jewish religious dress such as skullcaps, contained by an effort to catch anti-Semitic attackers.…
LOL ............ decoy Jews ?? ....... now i`ve hear EVERYTHING !!

How about decoy SHEEP ............... to catch muslim sex offender ??
I deem the UK suffer very little problems with belligerence against jews, and most violence they may suffer are by people who would attack anyone jews, muslims, christians, mature ladys etc.

I think it would be a pointless, wasteful exercise much better would be if the police did their livelihood.
"The footage showed immature men, often of Muslim immigrant origin, shouting and making Nazi salute at a rabbi when he visited different areas of the Dutch capital."

Makes you wonder why we go to the trouble of beating the Nazis doesn't it?…

But to answer your question, I reckon we'd be better off teaching police officer what the words "guri" and "kafir" mean. They'd be making arrests all morning long.…

And they should apply our laws to everyone, no exceptions for race or religion.
You mean we don't already? Source(s): Ex-copper Yes we should.

How anyone can hate Jews is beyond me; they don't bother anyone and don't force their channel of life/religion on to other people.
You bring dogs into your country by the millions, your gonna have to get used to the bark.

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