Why is our Coalition organization, while on the one appendage pleading poverty and making savage?

cuts, about to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on an enquiry by Lord Young into Health and Safety Regulations?
Judging by Lord Young's comments on BBC Breakfast Time this morning, the outcome is a foregone conclusion anyway.
It couldn't be roughly making it cheaper for their mates, the bosses, to function by doing away with the protection of sanctuary in the workplace by any chance, could it?
Give me a break.

Not every business owner is rich. There's thousands of small local businesses that lose money because of the over the top health and safekeeping regulations and mountain of paperwork they have to do.

Furthermore the more expensive it is for businesses to operate the fewer folks they'll employ therefore the not as much of job vancancies there'll be therefore more folks unemployed.

Stop trying to find plots around every corner.

EDIT: Of course the staff need protecting and the employer have a duty of care but if you look at all the regulations heaps of them are way over the top and force employers to pay packet compensation for the minor of things that happen to many relatives every day at work and at home for example you can sue your employer for a paper cut which is basically plain stupid and unfair to the employer.
because it needs to be done. these stupid regulations cost millions.
its not going on for saving lives. its about bully tactic stupid rules. did you hear roughly speaking the town that wasnt allowed to put bunting up on lamposts because it was dangerous? or the medics who wouldnt appropriate a woman to hospital because her doorstep was too high? how something like the cpso's who watched a boy drown because they werent trained?
This is call Toryspeek! They find a few issues, make loads of noise something like them, and fool a sufficiently large enough number of general public into thinking that they are acting in a manner that will benefit the culture. Rupert Murdoch is a Toryspeek master, he supports the party and hates poor ancestors as well: He's perfect for giving us our "news". Today, nation are being awarded PhD's for proving that the current economic disaster is a consequence of Thatcher's policies. I own just turned the "news" off within disgust as Cleggy was warning us of the ending governments failings, and the price that we poor race are going to have to pay to ensure that rich population see no reduction in their richness. Of course, the vile, economically harmful, right-wing policies of the tory party are tenderly pushed into law by government; and the country will start to sink once more! Then our "news" media will verbs to tell us all that we've never have it so good.
They make out they are looking at the stupid vigour and safety rules which someone has already mentioned, but they don't mention the principal ones they are looking at changing, like the ones where on earth an independent bodies regulates safety rules on building sites being put support under the regulation of the company itself, this will end up costing lives on lots building sites throughout the country. You don't need an enquiry into form and safety, you just look through what condition and safety rules there are and draw from rid of those that are not necessary, it shouldn't take hundreds of thousands of pounds to sort that out.

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