Data protection, is this still a breach?

Hey everyone,

In my previous questions you will see that where I work, someone breached the information protection act as they gave out my phone number over the phone and said I be sacked (slander, as only simply resigned)
But now, the girl has appealed the complaint maxim that she gave it out from her own personal records (mobile phone)
So my give somebody the third degree is, is it still a breach of data protection, as she (an employee) gave out my personal phone number (I be an employee) to a third party
Please any information is helpful as ingoing to put it into my appeal as they said they won’t do anything more or less it.
As she was working and therefore give the number out in a professional manner, later it is a breach of data protection. However, if she gave merely the number (no name) then it is not a breach of data protection. Source(s): I am a High Court Barrister. The Data Protection Act have the appearance of a hurriedly and badly drafted Act of Parliament because nobody appears to be sure of what can be disclosed or what can not be disclosed. One lawyer will right to be heard one thing and another another. Ultimately lawyers will build their reputations and allowance base on it if they have not done so already

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