I get my U.S student visa rejected, would it affect my UK visa application ?

i am graduate student, 4 months ago i 've got my U.S student visa rejected becoz i failed to prove "social connections" to my home country, very soon i 've got accepted within one of the schools in UK but i am concerned almost the visa, i am afraid that it would affect my UK visa application since the uk visa application ask you specifically if i have ever been rejected for a visa within any country and obviously i cant lie just about it ! so should i be really concerned or.....?
there's no reason to think it would. They will formulate their own independent decision on your application.
The countries make independant decision.
The rejection was not for doing anything wrong... so there will be no direct impact.

And Correct, you cannot tell stories about it..
but also.. you now know that it is one of the concerns of some assessments...

So contained by your Visa application, and your covering letter (that adds details to answers on the form), you can presently specifically address that concern. i.e. show more evidence of ties (and therefore reasons why you will be in motion back) to your home country at the end of the course you have be accepted on. And offer that if within should be any furthjer concern to please contact you, so that you may address these further concerns.

OK, in reality, if you DO find a situation in the UK, you can at that time apply for a work visa etc at that time.. but as of today.. your "intent" should be to come to study and then return.

You could unsurprisingly have appealed/re-applied to the US with spare evidence.. if you had so wished. Any special object you did not go back and provide further evidence.. .afterall, you initially must own been accepted and needed to study in the US. I also assume it was impossible to tell apart course/subject matter.

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