Should cannabis be endorsed and its mart regulated?

"The first licensed medical drug containing whole cannabis plant extracts has be launched to treat the symptoms of multiple sclerosis."…

weed should become legal
this will also stop some street crime
and help citizens who actually need it similar to people with MS because my nan used to smoke it but she can't because she can't smell of it or the nhs will stop nursing her but she say it is better than any drug they give her!

-End of thread.
YES! And tax users at a rate of 190% CAT (cannabis added tax). Make it a lifetime driving stoppage if caught driving under the influence of the stuff, and make them get through space cake every meal time whether they want to or not.

As for herbal treatments of some extreme illnesses, then that's another more serious issue. If we use much stronger drugs to treat other ailments, then cannabis should maybe be used also to treat convinced people, if it helps them.
Yes, it should be legal.

That's adjectives I can say about it. A big, resounding yes. No explanation needed, it have all been said formerly.
I don't meditate so. However there is a company in California trying to genetically modify marijuana so it have no THC.

If accomplished people won't own the annoying high and the government will be more inclined to normalize it.

The other benefit is the government can propagate it in the frantic where it will cross with other marijuana dramatically and forever reducing its THC as well.
Well making it illegal be a waste of time, so why not - it cant possibly make things any worse can it?
Yes it should be allowed and it should be regulated we can solve a lot of problems with the toll money such a move would bring in we need to stop kid ourselves about pot being a gateway drug it is with the sole purpose a gateway to the kitchen and food
Yes. Simple question, simple answer.

Cannabis should be legal.

But the flippin' establishment and tax collectors should bugger off and walk off the potheads alone.

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