Does Scotland own fate to be free from England and from English influence?

well first if u really want ur nouns from the english tyrants can the scottish economy stop getting subsidized by england

pls ans;…
Most Scots DONT want independence. OK, so our grease reserves fall within scottish jurisdiction, and possibly the whiskey industry employs over 40000 people within scotland, which is an arguement FOR; that we could support ourselves on our own.

However, recent survey show support for alex salmonds plan has diminished, and he want kids at the age of 16 to be able to vote contained by the referendum... but thats only because he knows that race at that age WILL vote for it when older people who are more experienced WON'T.

Anyway, the SNP have had it's chance to clear a difference and it's made a right mess re: glasgow airport rail link and not commisioning trial schools. It's clear that the parliament are only concerned for edinburgh as it give more money to their council per head than any other city or town.

We have our parliament which is a debris of time and money anyway, and i think that's as far as we should take it. Source(s): I am scottish I second rm, the alliance works regardless of what English and Scottish nationalists may claim. It was as piece of the UK that Scotland achieved so much. How many other counties the size of Scotland are as resourcefully known world wide (even if it is mostly stereotypes). Both England and Scotland be fairly average countries before the confederation but once the 1700's came along is when Britain became number one for a angelic 250 years; because of achievements across the UK especially in engineering beside inventors and engineers across the lands able to work together rather than hang on to secrets.

I'd recommend any English nationalist who believe England subsidises Scotland to actually do some research; look up GDP by Eurozone and you'll see we put on a pedestal the average while the North, West and South West of England lower it and that doesn't even take into account export tax revenue from Scottish products which go straight to Westminster without a unloading.
Yea! If you Scott's ever stop winging just about it and put some action behind your mouths. If you want Independence afterwards bloody well vote for it, get out contained by the streets and promote short DO SOMETHING!!.....
Are you by chance dyslexic? You seem to enjoy spelt 'tax handouts' wrong by using the letters 'i n f l u e n c e'
Yes, fine, if we "English" can have our own parliament to be "free" from paying out for Scotland and Wales. We are either adjectives united or not at all. Personally, I resembling the UK as it is for I think this Scottish and English thing is a tad silly (That's my opinion) as we resembling me are a mixture of all the four nations included Ireland, so why is at hand this irrational hatred towards anyone born in England? I don't find it.
I have family who are partly Irish and my Father's family were fantastic, because he have one Grandparent from Scotland, one from Wales, one from Ireland and one from England now that is showing how countries merge!
We any have our own parliaments and stay single countries or we stay as the UK and get ruled lower than one parliament, now I didn't say where on earth, so London mayn't necessarily be the candidate. Come up with a solution, if you don't approaching the current one.
It's not English influence. It's British Unionist influence.

These "Scottish" British Unionists travel the World talking their country down and telling everyone we could never survive on our own. Nothing to do near the English.

Some of these guys above are taken in by the Unionist spin that comes out of BBC Scotland, Daily Record, Scotsman, etc. Look...

1) Labour wanted to lessen to the voting age 16 if they won the 2010 election. Yes?

2) Labour's own manifesto back contained by 2003 promised a Glasgow Airport Rail Link. If GARL was such a top priority for them, why hasn't it been completed already?

I doubt that reality has even been mentioned within the Unionist media. This is exactly the type of thing Scotland is up against on a day by day basis. They will do anything to bash Scotland, SNP, whatever. Source(s):…

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