Why do race enjoy a problem near the multicultural moral fibre of our nation?

After all, our nation has be multicultural for centuries, we have different languages spoken where on earth, examples being Gaelic, Welsh and Cornish.
When it comes to religion, even Christianity is a religion born of multiculturalism our true heritage being paganism.
And for those who dread the influence of Islam on our shores, how are 2.8% of the population going to rule the rest of us?
Sticking to facts of course would be appreciated rather than panic stories when answering this.
I don't think "multiculturalism" is the problem.

I expect what alarms some is when you see "enclaves" of people who seem incompetent to adapt to, or even acknowledge a different culture. Like the minority of Islamic extremists who claim that they want to turn the UK into an Islamic State (eg Anjem Choudary and "Islam4UK").

It can be hard to follow why, for example, when you see women clad from head to toe in a black burka, they enjoy chosen to live in a country which is western and liberalised, it can feel to some close to these people are deliberately shutting themselves past its sell-by date from the rest of us and this can lead to suspicion and hostility.

Multiculturalism is not surrounded by itself a bad thing. I'm Welsh and nonetheless I studied classical Indian dance for 10 years (here in Wales!) something I would not own been able to do have we not had people close to my dance teacher living here - she come here from India as a 14 year old and began tutoring in her early 20s. Thats one of the really positive sides of cultural mixing.
Ask you self. Why all the focus on our differences and NONE on our similarities..................
Because they're nationalists and they don't trust ancestors from other national origins. They fear that people from other national origings are trying to pinch over "their" country.
1 in 4 babies in the UK is born to a foreign parent.


White British children are in a minute a minority in almost a fifth of education authorities contained by England, official figures hold shown

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1… Source(s): Britain is a European Nation, those languages you listed as "multicultural" be and are spoken by Europeans, don't twist history to suit your own agenda Mr "Patriot". Its hard to be accepting of a cultural opinion that blowing up and killing the infidels is a must do for muslims.In other words I tried liking them but they maintain trying to kill my friends.
The problem is not that a country is multicultural, the problem comes when those that immigrate do not assimilate to the culture of the new country that they travel to. When the new immigrants stay away from to learn the countries language and try to force the up to date country to allow them to practice everything that they did back in their weak country. Christianity is not from multicultural roots, it came from Judaism. Judaism started 4,000 years ago with Abraham, when God told Abraham to move from his territory in the land of Ur, (Iran and Iraq area), to the West, the Middle East today. Islam is the biggest threat that the world is facing today. Go to www.thereligionofpeace.com and see what Islam is really roughly speaking. Islam comes into a country and is peaceful while there are not completely many Muslims at first. But once they grow in numbers they want to enforce Sharia canon. Under Sharia, a woman has the value 1/2 that of a man, contained by a court of law if there own to be 2 male witnesses, there enjoy to be 4 women witnesses. If a woman is raped, it is the woman's fault, not the man who raped her. Today if you put down or make fun of Islam, you risk person killed by Muslims. There have be many government leaders contained by the Netherlands that have been kill because they spoke out against Islam and Mohamed. Today people make fun of Christians and Jews in need being afraid of being injured from them. But how tons people, newspapers, or tv stations construct fun of Mohamed? Print cartoons of Mohamed? If a paper be to publish a cartoon of Mohamed there would be a huge outcry from the Islamic leaders, and a appointment for the death of those that published the cartoon. Most of the modern Western world practices law bassed on Judeo-Christian laws. Meaning that if you steal something and are caught, you reimberse for what you stole and maybe you spend time contained by jail also to pay for your crimes. Under Islamic directive your hand would be cut off so that you would not steal again. If you did steal again, you would enjoy your opposite foot cut off, right paw, left foot. Under Islam, there is no seperation of church and state, the church runs the state. Look at Iran, how the Ayatollah runs everything from at the rear the scenes. In Islam, there is solitary 2 houses. The house of Peace, Islam. And the house of War, the rest of the world. Read the Koran, in many Sura's it tell the Muslims to kill those that are not Muslim's where ever they are found. Really restful religion. As I said before go to www.thereligionofpeace.com and see only what Islam is really about. There are peaceful Muslims, but Islam is not calm. Source(s): www.thereligionofpeace.com Its interesting that the main issue, from answerers here, seems to be Islam.

In fairness, in attendance are elements of Islam that I'm really not a fan of, but that goes for most of the central religions.

There is a feeling/suggestion that there are getting to be enclaves in the country which are entirely Muslim and it is here that extremism will fester and breed, along beside high birthrates and people who want to force their beliefs on the natives.

Of course, any study of any group of immigrant into a first world nation will tell you the following things:

- immigrants bunch together, because there's safekeeping and security in numbers
- the children of immigrant are much better at assimilating into the cultures of their new home, speaking the language, version the culutre, and moving away from the area you grew up in.
- roughly speaking: the poorer you are, the more children you have - when you get more money, better medical attention to detail and crucially: better gender equality, your birth rate tends to drop.

In other words, here really is nothing to worry give or take a few.
Many races are not compatible. But people obligation to realize that it goes both ways. Bl*cks hate whites of late as much as whites hate bl*cks.
It's called racism simple as... and why? because their brainless thugs who'd be better sour dead. 85% of our population is British yet be a minority, the truth is immigration has only be a problem when the immigrant either doesn't have english as a first expression or is not white. Even now immigration isn't a problem, its just nonsence propaganda so the BNP don't seriously gain anywhere, If you actually quiz these people they don't know anything. near idiots. Source(s): me. The problem I have is that culture is often invoked to prove correct behaviours that would not otherwise be tolerated. Homophobia, misogyny and other social evils are actually legislated against in the UK, but when someone invokes 'cultural' reason, we are somehow supposed to respect that.
It's human character, we were derived from tribes and tribes we still are. Dress it up as you like, multiculturalism is simply a gimmicky way of saying "I'm different from you so you better tolerate me or **** off". They're isn't any middle ground. It's an excuse not to embrace your community and ghettoise your existence beneath the banner of self expression. They're just isn't ample space left.
If you think in the order of how your examples of "multiculturalism" came about you might be for a time less enthusiastic about it.

The Welsh, Scottish, Irish and English be at war for centuries with much, deeply brutal, bloodshed before they finally accepted respectively other in (N.B.) their own separate regions of these islands.

The pagans were annihilated by the Romans contained by an early act of ethnic cleansing. Christians fought beside Norsemen and others to establish their church and then started on the sectarian murder of each other, in particular Protestants and Catholics.

All this happened over many centuries, to peoples who be virtually identical in culture and outlook.

And you believe after a few decades of import millions of people who have a completely different see, history, religion, culture, world view and in tons cases despise our hard won democracy and human rights - we will all live vivaciously ever after.

I beg to differ.

Incidentally, Britain is not multicultural in most senses. The assorted races do not share each others culture, but for the most piece remain very separate. More similar to apartheid than multiculturalism. Source(s): Bradford, Slough, Southall, Greenford and many, frequent, more. Racists
People are innately political and politicians exploit these differences for their own benefits.
Hi Patriot
Our prejudices are established during our formative years.
During the 1940s a very enlightened primary school coach brought a globe of the world into class. She pointed out the tiny island of Great Britain (this was prior to person the UK) then showed us the North Coast of Africa. We all know the Holy Bible stories and she told us that Our Lord Jesus Christ would have had a brown skin as adjectives others in that area have. She told us that skin colour didn't matter, we were nation and all equal to each other.
This be a time when a mass of people from Commonwealth countries were coming to the UK. Brown and black skins, colourful saris contained by austerity Britain.
I'm afraid I was aged 28 years before I go into the home of a Roman Catholic and I was amazed. It was purely an ordinary house - the same as mine.
People cast a shadow on behind prejudicial opinions as a form of self safety. I was certainly brought up to landscape Roman Catholics as the "auld enemy". Absolutely farcical. The same as Islaamaphobia is today.
By the way, my Muslim neighbours don't appear to want to take over the nouns. They are too busy going to work, raising their children, tidying the garden, just resembling you and me.
Best wishes.
I have a problem next to it because I am old, and I realise that it gets harder to embrace coppers, and that this will not be my country for much longer, whatever I believe or whatever values I hold. I enjoy seen my home town of Slough (yes, I know - a joke isn't it ?) redeploy from a proud place in the 50s, a place full of hope, where modern accepted wisdom were being tried out, where on earth light industry thrived, into a seedy place, overcrowded next to God knows how many no spik Inglish innit my frend race. 'Vibrantly multicultural' is a concept easily held by the young, or the affluent, cushioned from the refusal aspects of excessive immigration. But it fills someone of my age with sorrow and despair.
Didn't really want to attempt to answer your cross-examine, because I knew what a waste of application it would be. Rather, I wanted to focus on just one bit of it : how are 2.8% - ie Muslims - going to rule the rest of us ? By a relentlessly high media profile, that's how. It is impossible to believe nearby are so few of them. Most other minorities just go more or less their business and we never hear of them. But in the news it's a travel case of give us this day our on a daily basis Islam. We never hear the end of it. Wouldn't it be nice, wouldn't it be a sign of a truly mature, multicultural society, if we could simply ignore people who don't want to integrate, who want to dress surrounded by weird clothes and claim their God is better than our God ? Fat chance.
Just can't be doing near burkas, hijabs etc.Never mind respecting other cultures. If I am honest with myself, I have NO respect whatsoever for adjectives that stuff. As someone who came of age during the permissive 60s, I loathe this mother of all thou shalt not religions. I'm not within favour of lap-dancing clubs, but I think within should be one next door to every mosque in the home, just to remind some Muslims that British culture is liberal and non-judgemental.
It gives them something to hate. They hold no culture at all apart from drinking foreign lager and watching England on the telly.

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