How tons muslim those live contained by England? do you have a sneaking suspicion that its to heaps of them?

Which atlas do you own, because it is like mad different to mine?
According to the 2001 ballot, 3.1% of the population of England declared their religion to be muslim.

Overall that's not a lot. Some of course own tried to create the impression the figure is much larger.

14.6% declared themselves to be athesit or of no religous belief.

0.7% declared themselves to be Jedi Knight
The number of muslims within England is around 1,500,000 to 2,000,000. Someone in England has fixed we are " multicultural". We have had a colossal influx of immigrants of all nationality over the past decade. A far cry from the late 70's when they be encouraging Englishmen to have vasectomies to have smaller family. A recent report identified "Islamophobia" as a problem besetting British Muslims of every generation and background: an irrational horror of Muslims as people bent on imposing their religious and political view on the rest of society, if necessary by force. Yes I think we own to many foriegners of all residency.
Islam is the second largest religion in the UK. However, only 2.7% of individuals put their religion as Muslim in the last opinion poll, compared to 72% who described themselves as Christian, and 23% who put no religion.

I think the most recent estimates (compared to the 2001 census) suggest that there are around 2million muslims contained by the UK.

Do I think that is too heaps? Well, personally I don't judge nation on their religion, as in my mind Islam, Christianity, Judaism etc. are all as bleak as each other. I couldn't care smaller quantity what the predominant religion was in the UK.
If they can spell and contribute to our economy and they have a right to be here after of course they are welcome.

Please apply these rules to yourself.
Too many - together with adjectives the other non 'true' British. Source(s): A BNP member.

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