Legal warning roughly speaking missing a trip??

I paid for a school trip for lb300+ for a trip to scotland within about april but the trip took place 2 weeks and i couldn't attend due to medical reasons (i be admitted to hospital). Can i ask for my money back minus the booking fees? I give attention to it is wrong for the school to keep my money when i didnt attend so i didnt really cost them anything contained by way of food and other things. I just required to know about my chances of getting my money final. Thnx in advance
I don`t know you did not eat the food but that does not mean you be not catered for
if the place you was staying was expecting 20 students but solely 19 turn up they can not take all the food for one individual back to where they get it from
maybe had the arts school had some notice they could of get some-one else to take your place and pay you rear Source(s): my head You can ask, but you aren't likely to bring back much back, if anything at all. The aim is simple. They booked your travel (which is not refundable) and your hotel room (which may or may not be refundable). They also booked your entertainment, which may or may not be refundable. You agreed to the school's terms when you paid for the trip and you must abide by those expressions.
The school will own made arrangements for your lodging, travel, and food. They may very well hold not had the opportunity to receive refunds if your plans changed near little notice.

It is logical, if not justifiably required, that the school refund any money they did NOT enjoy to pay out on your behalf, but it is entirely their call.
Surely this is an insurance issue not a officially recognized one - did the fees for the trip include insurance? They usually do for injuries on the trip - so I would ask to check the terms of this insurance.

Otherwise, do you have any own flesh and blood annual holiday insurance - you may find that you are covered on that.

Bare in mind though that insurance claims require prompt notification, the time limits will also be detailed surrounded by the policy.

If there's no insurance cover at all, then I'm afraid it's duplicate as if you booked a trip through any other business - late notice cancellations lose 100% of the trip cost. It's solely if you cancel well surrounded by advance that you get money fund minus booking fees and then not always - it depends on the jargon under whcih the trip/holiday was booked.

So check the insurance, and if within is none, then you've just cultured an expensive lesson.

Good luck and hope you are completely better now.
There has to be a contract and if it stated no refunds afterwards you get nothing. If near was just an comprehension with no reference to refund at all then you are entitled to some or adjectives of your money back. Because you handed over money for the trip and did not use that facility. The tenet functions on reason-ability so it would be reasonable for the school to save the amounts they had to lay out.

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