Why do Americans not want any other country to enjoy nuclear military capability but they enjoy nuclear ordnance themselves?

Isn't that hypocritical? It seems blatant.
Perhaps the most hypocritical aspect is the USA happily and quietly allowing (some would voice supplying) then failing to take bustle over Israel having nuclear weapons surrounded by clear breach of the nuclear non proliferation treaty but getting all hot and bothered if any other mid eastern countries seek to do so. Those Israelis really own got you by the balls haven't they.
So you think it is a good perception to allow unstable countries run by insane dictators to have nukes?

The US and the former Soviet Union amassed a large number of nukes to assure neither side would be tempt to use them, and hey it worked, there has not be a nuke used in anger/war since 1945. If Iran, North Korea etc get nukes, that 60 plus years of no nukes used would be out the skylight in a year or two, because dictators like liberals uncommonly look at or think about the consequences of their schedule.
Well America used them. We learned we shouldn't ever do it again.

It's not something like wanting us to have an advantage so much as it is the prospect of anyone annhilated in a nuclear winter.
That's not true, we hold no problem with some other countries having nuclear ordnance, we do take issue with countries who would probable use them. The point is not whether one possess' nuclear weapons, it is the likelihood they are deployed. It is not hypocritical, it's intelligent.
You apparently are upset that we do not want to permit the Mullahs and Ayatollahs and Ahmdinejad of Iran to own Nuclear weapons.

The Mullahs and Ayatollahs and Ahmadinejad of Iran provide over 90% of the funding for Muslim Terrorism in the world.

If the Mullahs, and Ayatollahs and Ahmadinejad of Iran do obtain their hands on nuclear weapons, they will verbs some of those nuclear weapons to the Muslim Terrorists.

If you like Muslim Terrorists using vehicle bombs to blow up buildings you will love Muslim Terrorists with nuclear weapns to blow up entire cities.

However those of us who are sane and rational do not want Muslim Terrorists next to nuclear weapons.

The only opening to prevent the Muslim Terrorists from getting nuclear weapons is to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons.

To put it on a simpler horizontal, that is easier for you to understand, surrounded by The United States of America we permit law abiding citizens to own firearms, however we do not warranty Felons to own firearms.

We should no more permit the Mullahs and Ayatollahs and Ahmadinejad of Iran and the Muslim Terrorists to have Nuclear Weapons than we would authorization Felons to own firearms..
One idiot with his finger on the button could murder the world . And in Iran you don't just enjoy an idiot but a raving fundamentalist idiot , who is more than not likely to use it , and if he did Iran would be obliterated from floor and the fallout would Poison half the world .
you should know the more countries that have them the more the will apt to be used. and kiss the world goodbye if that happen
The last time I checked, we be not threatening to "erase" anyone from the map using them! there is a major difference between a regular citizen owning a gun and Ted Bundy arming up...
we'd close to to be able to get rid of those warheads. they're dicey, they're dirty, and they're incredibly expensive to maintain... but we're not silly enough to dismantle them while other nation still have theirs.

the first step is to stop building more, period. that mode if you ain't got 'em, DON'T try to get 'em. consequently our attention will be free to talk with russia, china, and the rest more or less ALL of us disposing of our stockpiles.

we, along with the european powers, russia, and china have PROVEN that we are responsible owners of such armaments and be trusted to NOT use them on a whim.

can you really say indistinguishable for the leaders in countries like Iran and North Korea? our leaders don't jump around talking about "wiping" other nation "off the globe".
Strange; we want to look at those weapons as part of times past. Some countries see them as the future.
Never run to a gunfight armed with a knife.
If you don't like it, get the hell out. Source(s): I hold no sources. Do you really not understand? If not, it's not likely you ever will..
Not true, They allow the European nations to have nuclear missiles.
it's call Imperialism.

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