What are Blairs time of war crimes and why have he not be arrested.?

A 20 page War Crimes Dossier has been sent to the International Criminal Court within The Hague
what a nouns of crap
even if Britain had not gone to war, America would own gone so all of them people would of died any opening
there is one important piece you arm-chair pundits have forgot.
as-long as the war is going on over in attendance, exstreamest are leaving the UK to go argument fore over there.
i would rather scrap these nutters on the streets of Bagdad than have them blowing up populace on the streets of London, Manchester and Birmingham Source(s): my head There isn't a cat contained by hells chance of Bush or Blair being charged, it would bring down the UN. Blair however can and should be charged next to destroying his expenses receipts. On this charge he would be found guilty and could possibly be jailed. Out of all of the MP's he is the worst offender, no more sleaze! Absolute lying hypocrite.
There is strong debate as to whether Blair committed period of war crimes but there's no mystery as to why he (or, for that matter, President Bush) hasn't, and is unlikely to be, arrested.

The ICC has worldwide competence and can issue an arrest warrant for individuals but no enforcement machinery exists beyond this and the actual execution of the arrest would have to be undertaken by a country inclined to assist in the prosecution. The UN Security Council can order countries to arrest specific individuals but, since the UK and the US are two of the eternal members and thus have veto powers, that's never going to arise.

It would be naive to think that no country would ever arrest Blair or Bush and request or assist beside a prosecution from the ICC and, as a consequence, I think that both individuals will spend the rest of their lives being extremely far-sighted about which countries they visit.
I agree with CROW. There are millions of Iraqis still homeless from fleeing the time of war.
Blair can hide behind the parliamentary procedure - despite lying!!
i agree next to some one of here they said they would rather fight them over here then fight contained by london,leicester,manchester what you guys don't think of as welll if that lives have be lost in our own streets london bombing where the bus be blown up ?? people who was going to work died that time and other days when more bombings happend and as for blair hes a plonker england are still knee deep contained by **** left from that guy bush has done duplicate with the US yes they are arseholes but i dont think they did any warcrimes unlike saddam,hitler,etc Source(s): doghandler/trainer Because within are no actual crimes, only baseless accusations. If you ruminate he should be arrested you shouldn't have to ask what the crimes are.
Blaire told deliberate and calculated lies to get parliament to agree to a period of war that no one wanted. If he have told the truth, then the war contained by Iraq would not have happened. The man lies sanctioned the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent men women and little children, whole family huddled together in terror blown to pieces during shock and awe. The most cowardly and barbaric military perform to be carried out in modern war fare. We are currently seeing the bosnian trendsetter being tried for being suspected of sanction the deaths of ten thousand. But its OK for Blaire to sanction the slaughter of hundreds of thousands ?? and we wonder why the world hates Britain. Blaire and hes strange labour disease has dragged this country from the world stage to the gutter. The man is a monster and should be dragged to the scaffold, as was Saddam. Where is the justice for those general public in Iraq. We helped them??....what by blowing them to pieces?

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