Ticket for using IPod contained by sports car?

Well here is a quick story I have from today.

First, I am from California. I be driving home today from school. I am a careful driver near no history of any accidents or tickets. I slightly picked up my ipod that was connected to the stereo through an AUX cable to click the subsequent song. As I was passing through the intersection, a photo be taken. I am pretty sure it was taken of me. I am wondering - if they had taken the photo of me - be it because they thought I was using a phone?

I never pay any attention to my cell phone within the car, for it is always on 'Silent' mode and away from my nouns or pocket. I am preparing to argue my case if in certainty I do receive a ticket. What can I do to prove that I was not using my cellular phone at the time.

I am not 100% sure that the photo was taken of my motor, however I am just preparing for the worst.

It is an IPod Touch. In essence, wouldn't it be the same as anyone else who is varying the song on the stereo? Just pressing next?

Please and thank you.
Sounds like a red light camera. They lug a quick picture of cars running red lights. mainly to achieve the license plate number.

Did you run a red light?....or maybe the coup¨¦ behind you did....
did you happen to go through a red feathery? or speeding? these would get the camera to go rotten.
The cameras are often existing and even if you did get a ticket mailed to you you can step to your court hearing and explain that it was your ipod (bring it beside you). Ask if there is a law against shifting IPOD songs and the judge will dismiss your case.
Relax until you draw from something in the mail. If you dont find a mailed ticket, enjoy the rest of your vivacity. Source(s): pre-law graduate I've only heard of photos one triggered for speeding and running red lights.. so maybe you've got other problems on your hand than your ipod.
You should put away before they find you. Source(s): My balbal i really dont think that they took a photo of your sports car, because can the camera even see that far that it can tell what your picking up. where i live they with the sole purpose give you a ticket if a police officer see's you in accomplishment.
dude calm down thoes camras are fake nearby only there for imtimidation
No, you won't get into trouble. Did you enjoy your seat belt on? That my have be the issue.

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