What is the subsequent stage after the Lisbon Treaty surrounded by bringing Europe together or strengthening the EU?

Obviously the powers of Europe are looking to make a United States of Europe (don't deny it), what is the next step to bring Europe together?
Balls and chains for adjectives the EU inhabitants, and make them work at their work benches till they DIE!
The next stage is economically under way, using the woes of Greece and the other PIIGS countries to push through fiscal integration and vessel European regulation of banks and financial services. Their plans will be unveiled in the subsequent few weeks.

It is certain that without fiscal coalition the Euro will not survive and potentially the whole EU construct could collapse if the Euro goes. Few of Europe's political leaders enjoy any stomach to face that so the chances are fiscal league will be a reality in the fundamental future, not that they would ever admit it, as expected, if for no other reason than it would be very difficult to convince their electorate, but, as you rightly say, a Federated States of Europe has other been the ultimate hope. Indeed, once fiscal union has be achieved then effectively we enjoy a single European government with individual parliaments reduced to the plane of large local authorities.

All that will then be required is a mopping up of the few remaining powers, Justice, already partially dictated by Brussels, and Defence being the only high-status ones, and there we have it, a done matter for a fully integrated Europe.

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