Speeding Penalties? What's the outcome?

Been driving since 25th may, i'm 17, and basically got a speeding misdemeanour today driving 60mph in a 30, in england, own to go to court and see and magistrate for the outcome just waiting for the time? just wanted to know peoples olden experience, looks like its going to be a ban from driving but solicitor say its normally up to 56 day rejection and no points or nothing not even re take, simply wanna know any advice or info from someone with previous experience contained by something similar. i don't want any rubbish just some help, appreciation
How about some rubbish?

Hope this helps.
60 in a 30! - You be lucky not to have killed someone!
If the magistrate give you 6 points, then you'll get prohibited. This is because as a probationer driver (within 2 years of passing your test) you only own to accumulate 6 points before individual banned. I would suggest that if the magistrate only give you 3 points and you retain your licence, you sit a pass plus test to remodel your driving. That way, you'll be less potential to kill someone's child. Idiot.
60 in a 30 can be quite fruitless in their view unfortunatly (normally anything more than 20-25 over within a lower limit will result in a court apperance/driving ban)
and if its for more than 56 days afterwards you will automatically be revoked to a provisonal and have to retake theory and practical again
and don't listen to others, although near aint many 30 limits where on earth 60 wd b that safe it can be a little wreckless but culture don't realise that speed in itself isn't the killer although the police and that other try and brainwash us to believe so only so an excuse to get more of us done for it and that
its poor inconsiderate driving (not you btw) that kill, idiots on the phone at the wheel, general aggressive and lack of caution to other road users etc thats kills
not by not referring to a digital/needle number or the red circled number at the side of the road
My friend who's over 70 get caught speeding too, he didn't have to retake his test, a short time ago a ban for about 3 months, so I'd articulate your solicitor would be right.
The maximum fine for that speed (Twice the 30MPH limit) is lb1000, average fine is between lb90 and lb150. The Magistrate can consider a ban between 7 and 56 days.

Your fundamental problem will be the points tariff for twice the 30 limit, this is 6 points which in your casing will cause the revocation of your licence due to the New Drivers Laws.

If you also get a order, you will have to re-apply for a licence after serving it and then steal both parts of the test again.

After that, you'll find it nigh on impossible to get insurance. Source(s): http://www.pepipoo.com/Magistrates_guideā€¦ driving for smaller amount than a month and you get done for going twice the limit and contained by a 30mph at that.

I most certainly hope you get prohibited.

The magistrates can issue you with 6 points which will give you an automatic embargo and you will have to retake your test.
Double the speed keep a tight rein on will be fine and points on your license. The fine, however large will not be the issue but the points will be.
The magistrate is bound to consider the speed and the danger surrounded by a residential area and give you six points which technique you will loose your licence and a ban. The ban is not relevant as you will loose your license anyway and will hold to start from scratch again.

As stated your insurance company is going to be delighted next to you and it will be really hard to find any insurance in the adjectives. I take it you were on your own insurance and be not being 'fronted' as you will muck up that persons insurance as very well!

Trouble is you have simply proved why the insurance companies are trying to drop out of this market!

Your solicitor is wrong is aphorism just a fine, maybe as a fully developed driver but not in your case.
Still be appreciative you did not hurt or kill anyone as there be no way you could stop in a hurry at that speed. You may own been driving for a month but that is adjectives you are doing is driving, you still have not learnt any of the awareness that comes near maturity.

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