Hey England, if Germany give you any trouble on Sunday and you obligation America to swoop surrounded by?

and bail you out - this time you're own your own. ;)
America just make things worse, so that's good.
You do listen to yourself speak sometimes, right?
Well you to be sure don't understand the rules of football.

You would only contribute assistance in extra time if it suited your agenda anyways.
We would help them.. but we lately can't overcome the boredom of soccer enough to stay awake to do it.
No thanks. Friendly fire`s the last entity we need.

Edit. Oh dear, Oh dear, Ghana 2...... USA 1.
Looks like your swooping days are over. Need any relieve with your suitcases?
If they need America to swoop in they would be better sour getting help from those Americans that come from Brazil rather than those that come from the US., much better bad.
But you'll turn up late and kill our players. Then you will gun down a few civilians for no reason.

You could come in at ten minutes to move about, like always.
Look up when the Battle of Britain was fought and won next look up when America was forced into the war. After you do that swot the difference Between England and the UK.
Good call bud.
Lol approaching when we refused you on veitnam and with out your euro allies you can't win ****.
Swoop in, do the same as everyone else, after make loads of films about it and convince yourself you did everything.

History come to nothing on your part.
England are going to lose, but the USA would do no better. To be honest, I doubt your 'soccer' team would do anything but create matters worse.
We'll hold them at bay till you draw from your courage up.
Yeah, I survey the Daily Show, too.

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