Leaving livelihood in need observe, do i return with compensated ?

last month I worked 2 weeks and was bad for next 2 weeks due to personal problems -looking after friend in hospital (head injury). immediately I won't go back and want to sign out. do I get paid for 2 weeks I worked and holiday that I am entitled (about 2 weeks)?
If you start a new commission then you have to be rewarded for the work you did - unless it was off accounts then you may not be paid at adjectives. You have to earn holiday pay and you really weren't at hand long enough for that!
You must be remunerated for the time that you actually worked, and for any unused holiday that has be accrued.

Another answer said that you are not entitled to holiday remuneration in the first year. That is wrong. You are not entitled to hold any leave (or be paid within lieu for it if you leave) until you have been employed for 13 weeks, but you do accrue it as soon as your employment starts, so after 13 weeks you own 13 weeks worth of leave that can be taken.

Its not clear when your continuous employment started, or why you think you are entitled to 2 weeks sign out. If you only worked for 2 weeks you clearly don't have any entitlement. But if you own been working much longer, you are entitled to be paid contained by lieu of any unused leave entitlement.

EG, if you are entitled to 28 days leave a year and hold taken 10 so far, if you leave way through a year your pro-rata entitlement is 14 days. 14 - 10 = 4 days of your entitlement are unused, so you should be salaried for those.

Assuming your estimate of 2 weeks is accurate you should be paid for that.
If you move off without the required notice later they are only required to pay you for any hours you in fact worked.
If they wanted then they could sue you for breach of contract.
they have to reward you for the hours you worked, but i'm almost positive you won't get any holiday pay.

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