What the official age to smoke?

Am not sure if its 16 or 18 ?
You entail to be 18 to buy tobacco. If someone gives tobacco to someone under 18, they could be prosecuted for supplying a noxious substance to a minor. You can smoke rightfully at any age - there's just no legal method of getting the stuff until you're 18.
Think it's 18 now. Thought it had changed.
The law changed a few years back. Now you enjoy to be 18 to buy tobacco products, but you can still legally smoke at 16. As it is illegal to buy cigarettes, or acquire someone older to buy them for you when you are 16/17, to all intents and purposes, the trial age is now 18.
Smith is right
There is no minimum age for smoking.

You can't buy them under the age of 18 but you can buy them for an under 18.

Those who enunciate you can't buy for a person under 18 are wrong. There is no resentment of proxy purchasing of tobacco products, only alcohol.
I don't think near is a legal age when you can smoke. There is however a legal age when you can purchase cigarettes and tobacco products which is very soon 18 years old in the UK
depends on what module of the world/country you are in.
in hot york it was just changed to 19 for both purchase/smoking certainly.
18 contained by the US, not including some southern states where tobacco is grown.

Of course, being OLD ENOUGH and man SMART ENOUGH are two completely different things.
Legal age to smoke is 16, but you can't purchase tobacco products until you're 18.
Police will stop anyone under the age of 16 if they're smoking in a public place within the UK.

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