What ruling stops someone taking a Replica gun out surrounded by to a public place?

A man had a Replica Machine Gun clamped on to an army looking vehicle, he was contained by the High Street. He was wearing an army uniform, but not one from the UK.

The police were call but they only gave him"words of advice" to remove the apparatus gun. It had a belt of ammo in it, near other belts hanging on the side of the vehicle.

The police allowed him to drive off and that be it.

I think he should have be arrested.

This is all in the UK
You think he should have be arrested, but you don't know what for.

The point is, it's not a gun so there isn't a law against it. What roughly all the toy guns children have and run around next to pointing at each other going "bang bang". What in the order of the guns on video games, should those be outlawed as well? Get a grip!
why be so worried?
Sounds similar to a story a buddy of mine contained by the UK told recently. He was stopped on his bearing to an event.

Another event is coming up at Beltring in Kent.

the violent crime drop act (VCRA) makes it improper to carry an immitation firearm in plain verbs in a public place or to carry one short a good reason
if it be a ww2 vehicle then i think they should be allowed to get a ''replica'' machine gun but must have paperwork etc but single on trucks dating from 1914-1945 any other vehicle with a gun clamped on then it should be took down swiftly by Armed Response Unit and put contained by prison
Section 19 Firearms Act 1968;

A individual commits an offence if
without authorized authority or reasonable excuse
the proof whereof lies on him
he has next to him in a public place
an imitation firearm
a loaded shotgun
an nouns weapon whether loaded or not
any firearm, loaded or not, together with ammunition suitable for use in that firearm

I don't know the full circumstances of why the man be doing what he was doing, but it would seem from the situation that the police may hold spoken with the man, who presented a reasonable excuse (ie he be in a parade or similar) and that they used their discretion to recommend him accordingly, rather than arresting and charging him. The situation would hold been entirely different if he had be attempting to commit a crime whist being in possession of the weapon.
And I estimate your silly attitude should have you arrested. I think adjectives those who are so willing to let the political affairs dictate such things should just become zombies for the dictators and give up adjectives their freedom and your attitude leads the way.

He didn't do anything unofficial but you still want him thrown in jail newly because you are paranoid? I think paranoids should be arrested.

Try growing a spine.

This all comes for the USA

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