should this woman be banned from the houses of commons...or are black and ethnic minorities immune from being racist contained by P.C Britain..?
your link does not work Source(s): my lead Its not good is it?

Yah I noticed her back on near "That Bastard" (illegitimate child} and the man who said Rupert Murdoch is Catholic.

Its old hat this son

It is resourcefully known in the corridors that she will other refer everything as black people young black men not relations or young people.

That Flint sort the one that said she be window dressing she should replace Diane Abbot on that late dark show the one straight after Question time its not banning but it will tell Diane abbot it does not issue who you are the BBC should not be used as a platform for her interests ie Labour leader
Here's the link

She is a hypocrite who call Cameron and Clegg "posh white boys," and suggested that "blonde, blue-eyed Finnish girls" in her local hospital in West London be unsuitable as nurses because they "may never have met a black person before".

No, she should not be disqualified, she should be allowed to speak freely and openly. She'd make an excellent innovator of the anti-white Labour party.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6y1IJv-QX… Source(s): http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/standard/p… No - she shouldn't be banned from the house of commons. 55% of the folks of hackney north and stoke newington voted her as an MP. removing her removes democracy.

If Nick Griffin got elected by the people of Barking it would be one and the same.

I may not like it (and I refer to both Diane Abbot and Nick Griffin) but that is democracy.

I am a bough of labour (since this disgraceful, lying bunch of con artist were 'elected') but I would resign if Diane get the leadership as I find her policy as repugnant as those of Nick Griffin

I never said your were advocate racism - I was comparing them because Nick is a recognised racist where as Diane isn't/ I find them both as repulsive as respectively other.
Abbott is out of like peas in a pod box as the late unlamented Bernie Grant who also made racist comments about Finnish nurses.If a white individual had made similar comments about nurses of African descent Grant and Abbott would hold been screaming to have them prosecuted. Leave her free to spout her silly unripe nonsense pandering to her black voters as she is the best thing to hang on to Labour out of office.
Sadly the computer says the video is malformed !
Yep. She's all of that. You should realise that individual white Brits are allowed to be racist. That's why there is a Black Police Officers Union (but not a white one), a Black section for most Trades Union, but not one lately for whites etc etc etc. Still look on the bright side, she's just what the Labour Party need to avoid getting elected again. If Kinnock could be converted to be Deputy, they could be out of office for a generation.
Her hypocrisy and racist comments are incredible, God forbid a "white upper class" Tory speaking the same agency. Then again earning lb100K+ a year with a similar allowance guaranteed to boot she can say exactly what she wants, and we will still expire up paying for it. Then again under left wingers eyes I am more racist and sexist consequently her, what a strange world we live in.
Diane Abbott have p*ssed me off immeasurably next to her "West Indian mothers will go to the wall for their kids" comment.

(What, and non-West Indian mothers won't? What an arrogant, bigotted statement!)

I know how appalling some of our public schools are and I would transport my son to a private school in a heartbeat if I could afford it - ie if I be on Ms Abbott's income + expenses. Such a hypocrite.

I'm sorry, I did want to like this woman - I thought it would be a good piece to have a minority female contestant whose views were more departed than right as the Labour leader, but she has REALLY gone down surrounded by my estimation after spouting this drivel.

Playing the race card and actually insulting non-West-Indian mums within order to justify why she won't consent to her child use the public school system which the rest of us have to form do with? Seriously uncool, Diane . . .
No I hope she become leader as it ensures that Labour will lose the subsequent election.
You missed a few words out in your cross-question, so may I......arrogant,selfish,full of her own importance and one of the most despised females apart from H.H and would contained by my opinion be the death of the workforce party for years to come.
She is a racist b*tch. and frankly an ideal person in command for a traitor,anti white, new labour management. Just like Obama, the racism doesnt take long to flipside its ugly head does it.......

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