Have I be permit down by the POLICE within this Road Traffic Accident?

I was knocked bad my cycle crossing a main road right next to a public park by a speeding saloon that knocked me flying In the air, I land on my head and was taken to the hospital surrounded by an ambulance,
The car bumper was smashed contained by half and my bike was worn out.

A police officer arrived at the hospital before I had even be seen by a doctor to tell me that the incident be logged as a pedestrian caused incident ( meaning my bad habit? )
I then told the officer he was wrong and I did not agree next to his conclusion.
He told me I should think of it as over now and Im lucky that the driver wasn't suing me to replace his bumper?
The officer after left the the hospital.
I was treated for my pave the way injuries,have wounds on elbows,bruised swelled tissue on my back over my spine so currently cant even sit down properly,my skipper is throbbing and have very stomach-ache full whiplash which I have been given multiple painkillers for.
When I go to the police station the next day to ask if I could cause a statement they told me they didn't want a statement from me as they already had a statement from a witness which I found quite strange considering I be the one that was knocked past its sell-by date my bike and injured?
I found out at the police station that they had noted that the accident happen in the public park and not on the main road that they be very aware it happened on as the driver be still on road when the police and ambulances arrived and they spoke to him on the main road where his sports car still was?
I also discovered the officer DID NOT note that I SPECIFICALLY told him I DID NOT agree next to his conclusion?
Also when I asked if they even took pictures of the damage to the car or if they did the usual checks and stuff of the scene where on earth I was hit, firstly they said they didn't know, and when I asked if they could find out for me I was told I have to write to them to ask such things?
I was told by an officer at the station that I have nought to worry about as I am not mortal charged for breaking the speeding drivers car bumper? I AM NOT JOKING - THIS IS NOT FICTIONAL

They then told me I should go away the station as it is now in the hand of the drivers insurance company and no longer there problem.

I feel agree to down that I didn't get to report that someone nearly killed me?
Whats more I don't have an idea that this driver who chose a main road next to a children's play park to use as his drag strip should be allowed to drive!

I choose to cycle when I can as I don't option to pollute the environment more than I need to and don't know when I will ever get stern on my bike again due to nearly getting killed.

There is a children's play park with swings,roundabouts and slides solitary a few metres from where this driver hit me and I cant believe my statement was unwanted?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for reading
Go and see a solicitor who specialises contained by Road Traffic Accidents, I'm sure you can find one in your local phone book.
I read about in the middle down and kept asking myself was there a witness? You confirmed nearby was. You haven't got a hope. Have you be let down? Likely. Source(s): Another cyclist four years now ive individual let down by the police and my local council through antisocial behaviour ,im at my wits bring to a close. i live withmy curtains shut and my doors locked.even my local mp offers no helpfor me.welcome to my world.
If you are crossing the road, the cars, no thing if they're speeding or not, have the right of way.
You've let yourself down by crossing the road contained by front of a car. Simple as that.
Its pitiful that cops can do basically what they want to do. What they put in the report here is no changing it, and its like it can't be changed. What you inevitability to do is get a phone book, look up personal injury attorneys, most all bestow free consults to people. Most will even do it over the phone. Call them, and tell them everything you said here,and see what they enunciate to do. You also need to go up to the police station, and carry the official police report. You might have to recompense for it, but you will know what they say is the "official" version is. If it happen the way you say it does, it seem like the cop just didn't aid, and wanted to hurry up and get it over will. Also, they could hold spoke with witness that seen it, or that be riding in the car next to the "speeder". But from what you say here, it sounds like they are truism its your fault. Which is crazy. I'm not sure once the police report is done, anything can be changed. Its like their word is God. That's why you requirement to call an attorney for the free consult and see what they say you can do. Because I'm sure you will hold hospital bills, and if they are saying its your fault, later the other peoples insurance won't take care of that. In certainty their insurance company could decide to pay to repair their vehicle, and then sue you in small claim for the money to repair the vehicle. And a lot has to do beside what the police report says. I hope you get response better, and I wish you the best of luck!!
So you rode your bike across the street without looking and get hit by a car. And you want someone else to pay for your mistakes?
To be honest it sounds like you enjoy a distorted view of what happened. This happen a lot with pedestrians when they bring hit by cars. It was likely he be driving at the speed limit otherwise he would have be arrested no question. Witness would have told police he be going to fast and your injuries would have be far more severe. This was a main road, so target is 30 or 40? If he was driving above that you would have be knocked unconscious, enjoy multiple fractures and have an extended stay in hospital. Luckily you've single got soft tissue injuries which will heal themselves.

Also as this be a main road, cars have right of style. If you didn't look properly and were hit by a car on a road, you are contained by the wrong.

You won't like my answer but I've seen it first foot enough times to know what speeds do what damage. Source(s): Training Paramedic the police enjoy the Driver and a witness that say it was your quirk, as far as the police are concerned there was no offence so that is the end of their involvement, it is not a criminal thing its a civil matter between you and the drivers insurance.
on what grounds do you judge the driver be speeding ?
did you see his speed before he hit you or are you just going stale how far you was thrown.
at the end of the light of day if your not happy with how the police deal with your accident next you should make a complaint to the Police Complaints Authority, they will investigate every aspect of the incident, they will find out and interview who this other witness was, they can look at adjectives the police documents surrounding the case.
trust me they will do a good work and that way they will give you an honest answer Source(s): my boss If there is a witness who states it is your fault consequently regardless of how you feel that it how it will be reported because the driver thinks it is your responsibility and the witness thinks so to.
The police do not need to listen to your newspaper as it is irrelevant as two to one are blaming you.
People on main roads be they drivers or cyclists have right of passageway and if you cycled from a public park into the path of the car on the key road then clearly you are to blame. Source(s): Police officer After reading your rant yes your to blame you crossed the path of a moving vehicle so beside out doubt your well and truly to blame for your own folly.
A large majority of the partly wits who ride bike seem to think what ever crazy manoeuvre they get out they will come to no harm or be blamed for.
When I come back to the UK on go it never ceases to amaze me of the stupidity of a large majority of cyclists who consider they are well above any law.
capably welcome to the real World your guilty of riding a cycle near out due care and attention.
Plain and simple If I was the organization who had to put up with your whingeing I would hold pushed through your prosecution ASAP.
People on cycles NEED to Learn they are NOT above the Law.
The Road Traffic act is for all.
Not Just motorists.
afterwards may be there would be more safety on British roads.

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