What would you Americans consider if Liberal Democrat Nick Clegg be elected as UK Prime Minister?

instead of Conservative David Cameron. Nick Clegg's first decision would be to cut many ties near the USA, effectively saying that the UK would not be subservient to the USA anymore and British troops would withdraw from Afghanistan, disappearing the USA to fend for itself whilst the world just watches with a smirk. What would Americans do if Nick Clegg be elected prime minister and cut many USA-UK ties and severed the special relationship?
When Obummer gets out, we would see his azz, and that Nick bloke too!!
The C0n would end up screw something up any way?
Say who care and shrug my shoulders
That would be awesome,
less reason to stay within Afghanistan for us.
no offense, but who cares about our ties?
Not that he can be. Prime Ministers are appointed, not elected. A person become Prime Minister by appointment by the Queen, who would normally appoint the leader of the largest participant in the House of Commons to be PM.

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