Is it true that Jews are the most powerfull and most uncertain ancestors contained by the world?

Is it true that these people have other been the most power full and dangerous folks in the last couple of centuries? (So power full that adjectives the world's banks and media are owned by them?)

For instance whether you believe it or not, the French (freemason/illuminati/Rothchild) revolution, the Russian (communist) revolution, the failure of the Ottoman empire and Armenian genocide (crypto Jew Ataturk, domneh) was carried out by Jews.

Is there a justification why Israel and the ADL do not recognise the Armenian genocide?

Was it three, and not two, buildings that came down on 9/11 in New York?
Nope. Anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists is so yesterday, mate, verbs.
The Jewish community as a whole aren't the most powerful and dangerous ethnic group in the world. A few individuals might be way up surrounded by the food chain, though. The reason they don't authorize the Armenian genocide is because it wasn't made famous by seemingly unbeatable army surrounded by the most famous war of world history. They don't hold people constantly reminding them of what happened during those times approaching we do with the Holocaust. Jewish people still discuss badly about Nazis and Nazis don't even exist anymore. Not single that, but not all Nazis had something to do next to the Holocaust. That task was given to Hitler's own SS who be tried as murderers and war criminals for their involvement. Finally, who cares how lots buildings came down in 9/11 surrounded by New York. Two, obviously stand out more than any others would, but does it make it any better or worse if in attendance was a third. We're all Americans and that be an attack on all of us regardless of what was specifically targeted.
When was the last time a Jew flew a hijack plane into a building?
A little tiny nation on a sliver of mortar and sand out populated a million to one by surrounding nation who can't stand them, some of which want them all dead. Yet, scrutinize what happens if you even try to hijack one of their airlines. They will hunt you down, fly to other side of the universe and kill you within your sleep if you tried. They are not victimized by international opinions or political correctness to mass murderers. They're not hung up on singing songs and patting criminals on the wager on in the name of self sensitive to their feelings. Jews made not be liked, but they are damn sure friggen respected. Now that's power.

they attacked us on 9/11

Youtube: mossad israelis, 9/11...the evidence is there
What? Ted Turner and Rupert Murdoch are Jewish? Have you ever looked at the board of directors of Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo, etc.? Find a Jewish sounding christen.
Uh, Freemasonry is a Jewish organization? I don't think so.

Edit: Wow, Murdoch of the far right Fox is Jewish? That really kill the conspiracy theory.
yes i agree, jews are controlling the media. they are adjectives rich and powerful. people who you wouldnt expect is jewish.
Some are ... most aren't ... just like every other group of associates!

EDIT: Bflowing ... Rupert Murdoch IS Jewish!

EDIT 2: Bruce ... Jesus was Jewish.
The Satanic Sabbatian-Frankist Cult head by the House of Rothschild ( the Illuminati) appears to be the "Synagogue of Satan" warned about contained by the Book of Revelations.…

Mossad did 9/11…

Dr. Alan Sabrosky: 9/11 Was a Mossad Operation
no the vatican is the most powerful an most harmful people
If that were true Hitler wouldn't own killed 66% of them in WW2
They with the sole purpose appear that way to the muslim dogs who wish them under the weather.

peopl;e aren't dangerous...their ideas are...
Completely false.
No that distinction belongs to obama and the radical islamic nation.
If the Jewish family are the most powerfull and most dangerous people within the world

Why would that be?

Who are they wanting to be more powerfull and dangerous against Hitler ? the Palestinians, The Egyptians, "The Tora Bora Cave dweller" Saudi Arabia, China,

And more importantly How did they become more powerful and dangerous?

The answer my friend is not blowing surrounded by the wind

more like blowing meander "Hot air " move along kids nothing to see here it's a rant roughly speaking Jews again

Truth is yes

Reasons the ability to handle humans through Religion and as you would expect the olde saying good next to money Source(s): a non goy who sees the threat also A.) The whole ridge thing is a sterotype.

B.) The French Revolution was carried out by adjectives members of the Third Estate which was 98% of the French Population.

C.) The Israelis do, but in that is a reputation out there that makes them look close to they don't, plus the Armenians and Jews aren't the closest of friends. University Professors teach the Armenian genocide in Israel for a reality.

D.) It was Al Qaeda, an Islamic Extremist organization that carried out the 9/11 attacks.
Knock on my front door at 2am and find out for yourself.
What rubbish you talk , A ancestors that look after there own interests would that we were as clever as that. Instead we rush around approaching headless chickens cutting each others throats consequently moan in envy at a people that don't. I am not a Jew newly a realist.
you are just domineering that they are great at finance.
When was the end time someone of Jewish descent strapped a bomb to himself and killed dozens of innocent civilians?
Yeah it might be true if you're Adolf Hitler.
yes if you are chitchat about jews in that posture, then yes they are,

IE: gulf oil accident/leak. no cleanup, no help out, no nothing from the goverment, whos in charge, george soros, who have the most to gain from the president doing nothing and stopping all grease in the gulf, georg soros, he is a jew that runs barrack obama and al gore and many others.
Is it true that Hitler is asking a sound out here?
only if they are the ones who took down the twin towers and the ft hood shooter be jewish and the time square couldn't get the bomb right and the k-mart undie bomber is jewish then yes

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