Does the USA administration respect the UK establishment (2010)?

Obama refers to kicking **** when it comes to the UK, calls PM Cameron a political lightweight, forces British troops to stay in Afghanistan, refuse to acknowledge British sovereignty over the Falklands? The US government hammers BP and blames Britain for the grease spill in their own gulf, but don't care that our soldiers are here in Afghanistan under USA control doing anything the hell USA says.
The US organization does not respect any country. Look at us now: We invade any country we want without thinking give or take a few the repercussions (Iraq), we screw over the chinese and take their money, and our economy is f-ed up! The US management is down the crapper and yet we still don't respect other governments. Americans believe we are the best and to be exact not going to change any time soon. So to answer your question NO!!
i have a sneaking suspicion that the us govermnt dosent respect any country
Everyday Americans have no respect for Europe, because they've be taught that they single-handledly saved it during WW2 - which, as every non-American know, and every non-American historian will tell you, is a complete joke; and after WW2 Western Europe give them the run of the place.

Now that Europe is fairly unified (America have done nothing to aid that), there won't be a principle we should respect or even care about America for much longer. Their arrogance towards an discount much larger than theirs, and a continent of 700 million people will bite them in the **** soon adequate. Europe is federalising, amassing strength, whilst America is stuck believing in American exceptionalism, opposing strength care for itself, and desperately trying to save its collapsing dollar by borrowing money from GE and China.

I hold no doubt there's intelligent, rational population in the US. I would suggest to you that you fix your country up, if it's not too late already, or come secure us in Europe, Canada or Australia. You know, a magical mystical land of culture, history, heritage, and international health care. A manor of equal rights, where we had no involve of a war to abolish slavery, or of a legal struggle to legalise same-sex marital. A land where you would be welcome with open arms.
He's not blaming Uk for spill, but BP.
And I need links for other stuff.
the USA people do but not our current government. dont verbs, they wont be calling the shots for too much longer
Britain is on the other side of the world. The falklands belong to Argentina.
I agree with the first answerer
We fought a time of war the UK lost you will forever be our *****. So just do as you're told and be grateful that we don't let you find taken over by Mexico.

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