Why can't the British stand up?

Were surposed to work until we drop, however.. look at the french article


They are causing riots etc because their pension age will rise slighlty, here contained by the UK our pension age is MUCH higher.. however we do nothing.
We are too apathetic to be bothered. During the 1980s the Thatcher government destroyed the unions and impelled greed, making people believe that they could have something for terribly little effort which led to the appearance of the yuppies and their "sod you,I'm doing ok" attitude. We enjoy lost the will to stand up for ourselves, particularly those born after the 60s who are either too childlike to remember those days, or were not even born then.
You surely are not suggesting we become more like the FRENCH?..........Treason is still technically illigal you know!!
We here in Britain are correct to put the pensionable age up.
In the past at hand have been countless articles or documentaries on local & national TV & other medium regarding how annoying it is to have such a low pensionable age & that relatives want to work past this age.

Media almost always want to be on the conflicting side to any change & the public has VERY short memories.
Stop pandering to the whims of journalists & other media hype & decide what you want, not what others voice from week to week.

I'm a floating voter, so not particularly a fan of this or other government but of certain policies. This one seems sensible. The French are freshly . . . . well, . . . French.
I actually approaching the work culture of the US and Japan myself.

As for the why, I'm guessing tradition and culture, france having a more developed riot/protest culture than the UK or any other country for that matter.

Likewise, it's why different regions within the US (bay area) protest more often than other parts, culture and ideology.
We have get the govt that we deserved - I think is how one poster says pretty often, and I agree with that statement. I posted a Q similar to this the other hours of darkness on dropping dead at our work benches. We are between a rock and a hard place within the UK, with govts past and present seemingly unconcerned beside real issues affecting real ancestors on working well into old age.

If we work surrounded by manual jobs (and abundant of us do), then how the heck are we supposed to do these jobs still at 66, 70 or doesn`t matter what? It's not like an office errand where everything is to hand, including the desk, the phone, the computer..... Some may influence - "oh just get another perchance easier job when you reach almost 55", but nobody wants to take on and retrain / or re-skill middle aged empire to do good well compensated jobs. In manual / skilled job, near old men are very soon expected to do the same physical activities as young-looking apprentices more or less straight out of school. No allowances whatsoever hold been made for the loss of physical strength and stamina in these draconian retirement plans presently being put forward by a young Cameruin, Hogbourne and Cloggy. I see their pension and retirement plans are still intact though.
Say what you like going on for the French I admire them in this.

They don't only just sit back and take it from their Government close to we Brits do.

They make their Government work for THEM.

Any attempt to damage their rights, freedoms and ability of life gets met beside riots in France. The French Government are scared of the race, whereas in the UK, we are scared of the Government.

It shouldn't be this mode. We should make our feelings agreed. Maybe we need to take a fern or two out of the French book . . .
pension age for my age group in the UK is 68, my position is physically demanding and makes me tired and aching very soon at age 25, I already have it planned out, all through my 50's I will hang on to going to the doctors and complain about back stomach-ache take lots of time off work afterwards claim sickness benefit when im in my late 50's

There's no track im going to work till im 68 then die close to that age just because some prick surrounded by the government with his/her cushy living thinks it looks good printed.

Sure you could work to 68 if you have a cushy stress free job where on earth you sit on your **** all day but physically demanding job like mine there is no style I can keep going till 68.

People fought for this country to remain free and then at the instigation of the chore party
we have a moment ago given it away, without so much as an argument.
The people of this country are so ruled by the state, that they don't even distinguish it.
The younger generation are happy not have to work and get their dole money & drugs every week,
whilst the older social group just cant be bothered because they feel not a soul listens, and those people
at the top don't bestow a dam they have their mansions & golden pension and get away with treating empire as fools, simply because we are.
this is because the British are like a nation of sheep. Before family say I am been racist or anything similar to that I am British myself. We never really stick together, it's each man (or women) for himself
We are talking here of a general public who let its government donate its country away against its will. + take them into an illegal time of war that slaughtered hundreds of thousands of innocent people+ flood their country with violent suppressive Islamists and told them they were racist if they objected, Refused them a referendum that be an absolute Promise.......the list go on and on... The British are a spineless race nowadays. The single people with any backbone within Britain are the Immigrants. And, frankly, they are sitting Pretty and have more going for them than the Gutless British themselves, and so they don't say a word.......Parliament have become a parasite infested toilet and the British people are the cause of it. They wont fracas. Perhaps we should encourage the French to come and live here. They, at least, enjoy a set of balls and might do the fighting for us EH. The Bull dog breed....ha ha British lions.....((( P*ssies more similar to.)))
Maybe they've forgotten how to stand up for themselves. Generations of letting the government bar things for them may have sapped them of their will to be free.
Totally agree.

In one method its good beacuse when you leave work you're body become more inactive, the longer you work the longer your body stays active

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