Are heroin addict entitled to disability living allowance?

i have been claiming esa up untill i spoilt to attend a medical because of the fact im addicted to drugs this being the use i cant work never mind get out out my soaking bed (sweat) withdrawing from heroin and attend a medical.they stopped all my benefit and eventually have to sign on.will the fact that my disability is self inflicted affect my entitlement to disability living allowance
They should not be. They bring the siltuation on themselves and should just face the
consequences. Struggle near no help unless from parents or friends. I dont see why
taxpayers money should go to sustain someone who deliberatlely is trying to kill themself.
In my opinion drug addicts don't deserve taxpayers money simply because they be stupid enough to get themselves within a state.
It comes down to what you can do and not what you can't these days.
Personally the amount of time an user wastes travelling to score, simply for a no show or the deals rubbish. Since heroin is only between 7 and 11 percent pure. So a fiver pod is only worth 50p if that.

It's time to let addict work for their drugs, even if that's only a few hours a day. This would expect clean drug and fewer medical problems approaching ulcers. The addict could effortlessly get into a routine of work since they no longer have to run around looking for dealer, who’re forever being busted and the steady supply of the drug would result in smaller amount stress, the addict them self may find the will power to stop them self’s.

Think about it? You run around adjectives day strung out, what do you do when you finally score. You nick the drugs to calm down. Where someone with no stress may establish to cutback themselves, knowing heroin is just ruining their life’s.

My streets full of junkies and life is hell at times where on earth I live. Plus I totally understand why past hold been insulting as they too feel the stress. But drugs are not going away and calculation too an addicts stress will further drive them too drugs where helping them is the long permanent status solution. But free drugs and benefits are not the way.

Get this? I heard addict with dogs get extra benefits too nurture their dogs and this benefit is greater than child support, so you can understand the hue and cry. Source(s): 90% of all heroin comes from Afghan poppies and be taxed by the Taliban. Give your disability money to the soldier whose foot was blown rotten by the landmine you purchased.
In the US people such as YOU are why our Social Security Seervices are going broke because we ENABLE drunks, druggies and of late fat lazy *** ethnic group by giving them money through this system.

Sounds to me like you got what you deserved by not doing as you needed to to hold the benefits.
i dont normally answer to questions close to this but here we go SHOULD be entitled to nothing you cant work because your vains are saturate with rubbish because YOU inject everyday all sunshine if your on jsa how the hell can you afford to by heroin plus live aswell ? i know every body is diffrent and you might be a nice guy but i would not give you a job i wouldn't agree to you in my home i wouldn't even normally confer to people like you ( who inject or smoke that sh*t) how can/could you live contained by the gutter living like a tramp gagging for your subsequent fix lets just hope you sort your self out and stop living rotten the government get a profession and get some pride disrespect was intended Source(s): dog trainer/handler Hi david
After frequent years of working with disadvantaged people surrounded by varied situations I have reach the opinion that some damaged population develop an addictive type personality.
They might be addictive shoppers, alcoholics, anorexic or whatever they choose.
It is the addictive character that takes over rather than the route they choose.
Heroin really is a destructive drug so please appropriate advantage of the many programmes that are available. They will sustain you come to terms with why you enjoy developed an addictive type personality. What trauma you may have experienced and how the support programme can serve you.
If someone has hurt you in times gone by then you are continuing to be their victim.
You are worth more than that.
I longing you all the luck in the world. Best wishes. Source(s): Professional experience.

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